"JoyAnne!" yelled James who was waiting in the car with his wife Mary and his young son Daniel.

"What do you think's taking her so long?" asked Mary.

Just then JoyAnne ran out of the house and jumped into the car.

"What took you so long?" asked Daniel.

"I hade to say goodbye to my new boyfriend!" answered JoyAnne.

"Another new boyfriend?" said Daniel. "That's your fourth new boyfriend this week".

James and Mary then turned around in their seats and looked at Daniel.

"What it is!" said Daniel.

"Everyone ready, it's going to be a long drive to the states", said Mary as the car pulled away.

Today the Pardo family where driving to New York City.

"Are we there yet!" asked JoyAnne who was getting fidgety. "We've been diving for hours!"

"JoyAnne we've been driving for five minuets!" yelled James. "We're not even close to being there!"

"Well I'm bored!"

"Why don't you find something to entertain yourself with", suggested James.

Just then JoyAnne got a brilliant idea; she doesn't tend to have those often.

POP went JoyAnne's gum she was chewing on. POP! POP! POP! POP went JoyAnne's gum.

"JOYANNE!" yelled James who was getting more annoyed by the minuet. "Can you please find something else to do?"

Just then JoyAnne got another brilliant idea. Two in one day wow, that's a first.

SMACK went JoyAnne's lips. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SAMCK went JoyAnne's lips.

"JOYANNE!" yelled Mary, James, and Daniel.

"What?" JoyAnne asked, she clearly didn't understand that she was being annoying.

"JoyAnne it's been ten minuets and you're already being annoying!" said Mary.

"Are we there yet?" JoyAnne asked.

"JoyAnne were not even across the border yet!"

"Oh god", said James. "I think I'm getting a migraine".

Two hours later the family decided to stop at a gas station to use the restrooms and get gas. Daniel and JoyAnne were asleep when they pulled into the gas station.

When Mary and James descended to the restrooms JoyAnne woke up.

"Hey Daniel wake up were at a stop!" said JoyAnne as she poked Daniel.

"What?" asked a dazed Daniel.

"Let's get out of the car and look around", said JoyAnne as she put on her sweater and opened her door.

"I don't think that's a good idea", mumbled a still dazed Daniel. "And anyway I'm tired".

"Come on just for a few minuets", pleaded JoyAnne.

"But what if they come back and mom and dad don't see us in the car".

"We'll be back before they notice we were gone, and anyways dad takes forever in the washroom, so we'll have plenty of time".

"Fine", agreed Daniel as he put on his sweater and got out of the car. "Wow its cold out here".

"Hey look over there!" shouted JoyAnne as she jumped up and down pointing in the direction of some cows.

JoyAnne then ran over to where the cows were, with a sleepy Daniel following right behind.

While JoyAnne and Daniel were admiring the cows, James and Mary were making there way to the car.

Mary looked back and thought she saw the kids sleeping in the back, but what she really saw was coats.

As she pulled out and began to drive they pasted where the cows were that JoyAnne and Daniel were looking at.

"Wonder whose kids those are?" said James as he looked at girl jumping up and down like she's never seen a cow before, and a young boy who was half asleep, but he was unaware that the girl and boy were JoyAnne and Daniel.

"I'm glade those aren't our kids", said Mary.

When the car was out of sight, JoyAnne and Daniel decided to walk back to the car.

"Uh….JoyAnne…. where's the car?" asked Daniel as they stood in the empty parking lot.

"Its right here!" said JoyAnne as she pointed to a car that was parked in front of a gas meter.

The car looked identical to the Pardo's car.

"Are you sure?" asked Daniel.

"Of course I'm sure", said JoyAnne. "When have I ever been wrong?"

"I'm don't think we should JoyAnne, I mean what if it's not our car", said Daniel. "I think we should wait until Mom and Dad come out".

"Quit being a scared cat and get in!" yelled JoyAnne.

"No!" yelled Daniel. "I'm going inside to look for mom and dad".

"Fine!" said JoyAnne as she got into the car.

Daniel then made his way into the gas station to find his parents when a man grabbed him from behind."Hey!" screamed Daniel as he struggled to get out of the mans grasp.

"Give me the money in the register or I'll shot the kid!" yelled the man who grabbed Daniel from behind.

"You'll what!" yelled Daniel.

"I'm not going to give you the money!" shouted the cashier who was hiding behind the counter.

"I'll shot the kid!" the man yelled back, as he lifted a gun to Daniels head.

"No way!" yelled the cashier.

"Give him the damn money!" yelled Daniel who was very afraid.

Just then JoyAnne barged through the door of the gas station, holding a gun in her hand.

"Put my brother down or I'll shot you!" yelled JoyAnne as she pointed the gun at the man.

Then man then put Daniel down and dropped the gun he had.

"Now if you don't mind I'm going to take my brother and leave!" yelled JoyAnne. "Oh ya and if you don't mind I'm going to need a car".

The man then gave JoyAnne some keys.

"Thank you!" yelled JoyAnne as she helped Daniel up. "Oh ya and one more thing, where is the car that these keys belong to?"

"It's a truck and it's at the side of the road", said the man.

"OK then", JoyAnne said as she shoved Daniel out the door of the gas station.

When they found the truck at the side of the road, JoyAnne shoved Daniel into the passenger seat, and JoyAnne climbed into the drivers seat. They then both buckled them self's in.

"Where the hell did you get a gun!" asked Daniel as JoyAnne put the keys in the ecnishion. "Don't tell me you're going to try to drive this truck!"

"Don't worry I've seen mom do it tons of times and I found the gun in the back of the car that looks like ours, that's when I knew it wasn't our car so I got out of the car and saw that some crazy freak had you hostage so I grabbed the gun", said JoyAnne as she put the gear in forward. "It's a good thing I didn't have to use it cause I have no idea how to use it anyway".

"Now all I have to do is put my foot on the gas pedal", said JoyAnne as she then slammed her foot on the gas.

"Oh my god!" screamed Daniel as the truck went flying down the road. "Watch out for that car!"

JoyAnne then swerved the truck to the left side of the road, and lucky not hitting the car. Then swerving the truck back to the right lane cutting the car behind them off.

"Crazy b****!" yelled the driver from the car they had just cut off.

"Hey shut up!" yelled JoyAnne as she stuck her head out the open window.

"JoyAnne!" yelled Daniel. "Could you keep your eyes on the road! I don't want to die today!"

"Oh ya, I should probably do that", JoyAnne said as she put her head back into the truck.

"JoyAnne do even know where we're going?" asked Daniel who was still scared for his life.

"No but if I'm correct this is the way we were going before we stopped, so if we keep driving we'll eventually ketch up to mom and dad".

"Ok but what happens when we run out of gas or the copes catch us because I'm pretty sure were going over the speed limit, and what about mom and dad, they're gonna kill us! Well they're gonna kill you for sure your driving a truck, and you don't have a license!"

"I don't know and I think I doing a good job of driving, don't you think?" said JoyAnne.

"I guess so but what if the copes catch us?" asked a scared Daniel.

Then they heard the sirens and flashing lights of a cope car.

"I spoke to soon", said Daniel. "What are we going to do?"

"I don't know!" yelled JoyAnne. "Do you think we should stop and tell the cope what happened?"

"Do you know which one is the brake?" asked Daniel who was looking in the rear view mirror looking at the cope car chasing them.

"PULL YOUR VEHICLE OVER!" yelled the police women in the cope car behind them.

"Sorry we can't!" yelled JoyAnne as she stuck her head out the window again.

"JoyAnne I may not know a lot about cars but I think were almost out of gas!" yelled Daniel as he pointed at the fuel gage. "And will you keep your eyes ON THE ROAD!"

Just then the truck began to slowly come to a stop.

"Oh no!" said JoyAnne as she saw the police women get out and walk over to the driver door.

"Now what?" whispered Daniel.

JoyAnne then rolled down the window.

"What the…" the women said as she saw JoyAnne and Daniel.


"JoyAnne, Daniel we're here!" said Mary happily.

Mary then turned around in her seat and picked up one of the coats to see no one there.

"Oh my god!" said Mary as she picked up the other coat.

"What's wrong Mary?" asked James as he got out of the car.

"The kids", said Mary blankly as she then jumped out of the car.

They then opened up the back doors of the car, to see nothing but JoyAnne and Daniel's coats.