"Now what are we going to do?" asked JoyAnne who was sitting on the cold, hard floor, cement of the barn.

"I don't know!" replied Daniel.

"Well we got to think of something!" shouted JoyAnne.

Then Daniel got a brilliant idea.

"We could brake our self's out!" said Daniel pointing to the knives hanging above them. "Why didn't I think of this before! It's true genius all we have to do is use on of those knives to hack away at the wood of the barn".

"That's a awesome idea", said JoyAnne as she got up from the floor. "But how are we going to get one of them?"

"Well maybe we could look around for something we could use to boost one of us up, so we could reach one of them".

"We could use that crate over there", JoyAnne said as she rushed over to a wooden crate that was in one corner of the barn.

"That's perfect!" said Daniel as he rushed over to help JoyAnne.

JoyAnne and Daniel then pushed the heavy, wooden crate to were they wanted it.

JoyAnne then carefully stepped onto the crate and reached up, grabbed one of the knives, and passed it to Daniel.

"Well that was….." JoyAnne was cut of by a cracking from under her.

Then all of a sudden the crate broke and JoyAnne fell hard to the ground.

"JoyAnne are you ok!?" asked Daniel.

"I think so", said JoyAnne as she got up.

JoyAnne and Daniel then went to the back wall of the barn, where Daniel began chopping away at the wood.

"Daniel stop!" said JoyAnne. "I think I heard something!"

Daniel then stopped chopping at the wood and listened.

"I don't hear anything?" Daniel said as he started chopping away at the wood of the barn again.

Just then there was a sound of foot steps and creaking.

"Daniel", whispered JoyAnne. "What was that?"

Then the lights went out and then the door to the barn opened.

"Hello my friends", said Tom as he stepped into the barn. "You must be wondering why I've came to see you".

"No not really", Daniel said.

Tom then gave Daniel a sinister look and took a step toward them.

Just then Tom was tackled by some people dressed all in black with the letters FBI in yellow on the back.

"What the heck", said Daniel as Tom was then dragged out of the barn.

Then some people from the local police department came into the barn.

"Are you two JoyAnne and Daniel Pardo?" asked one of the police men.

"Yes, why?" asked Daniel.

In the meantime Mary and James were back at their disgusting motel room waiting when they got a call from the chief of police stating they've found JoyAnne and Daniel.

"Mary don't you think you should slow down!" yelled James as the Pardo's car went zooming down the street. "Are you sure they've actually found them?"

"They said they found them James!" said Mary as she sped the car through a red light.

"Mary will you slow down!" yelled James.

"The sooner we get to the police station the faster we can find out were the heck they've been!" said Mary.

When the finally got to the police department JoyAnne and Daniel were standing with the chief.

"JOYANNE ROBERTA PARDO and GARRY DANIEL JAMES DONAVAN PARDO!" yelled James. "Where in gods name have you two been!"

"It's a long story", said Daniel.

"Do you two know how long you've been missing?" yelled Mary.

JoyAnne and Daniel looked at each other and the shacked their heads no.

"You've been missing for two days!" yelled Mary. "Where were you?"

"Like Daniel said mom it's a long story", said JoyAnne.

James and Mary were told eventually where they had been and what had happen. JoyAnne got grounded for three months and was not allowed to talk on the phone, watch TV, go on the computer, or hang out with friends. JoyAnne also had to clean her room as punishment too. Daniel had the same punishment as JoyAnne and he also had to help JoyAnne clean her room.

The End