She missed the ocean. She missed seeing the blue-green waves turn to gold in the light of dawn. When she sat in the sand, she could still feel the tiny grains of glass and rock tumble over her hands like subjects making way for a queen.

Her amber eyes were covered with a layer of frost, as if a winter storm had blown snow on to the window pane of her eyes. Keen like hunting cat were her ears. Like the same winter storm had cleared out her ears. A nose like a blood hound that could sniff out the slightest hint of fragrance hanging in the air. But she would trade it all for another view of the vast swells of blue.

She would sit for hours on end listening to the continuous war that raged between the land and sea. The ocean crashed and retreated, each time, taking some piece of the land with it. The flying spectators in white cawed for a side to win. The air was over come with the stench of salt like blood and ammunition.

Eventually, she stands and makes her way back to the house. Stumbling through the savannah of weeds that clung desperately to the dunes of wind swept sand, in the pitch black of her world.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you are wondering, yes the girl is blind... no, she does not have a name