"But I don't want to go to England!" i have been telling my dad for hours now and he just won't listen. He looked at me with sympathy.

"I don't want you to go too but I clearly have no choice."

"Yes you do" I replied

"Tee, you will go to England with you whether you like it or not" dad said his voice full of finality. But I do not give up that easily. For I am not a giver upper! And yes that is a word… In my dictionary.

"But daddy" I pouted and made the puppy dog face. He was giving in, in five…four-

"Tee Elizabeth Andrews! No buts! And that face wouldn't work on me anymore" darn!

"Fine be that way"

"Good now get some sleep you have a long day tomorrow" then suddenly I thought of something brilliant.

"Daddy, How about I make you a deal?" I exclaimed full of excitement.

"A deal?" he faced me, eyes full of interest.

"Yes, How bout I don't go to England, Go to school as an ordinary girl and by ordinary I mean hide my true identity and put a disguise on and no one will know it's me!"


"Dad, please?"



"Okay, how about this I'll consider your idea but body guards will still be there to follow you 1 meter away."

"Dad, one meter?" I gave him the 'are you serious' face.

"fine, fine how about 50 meters away but if they see any sign of threat even just a shove from a classmate or a friend of yours they are coming out and you will have no choice but to have body guards following you at least 100 centimeters away" not what I had in mind but it would work

"Okay! thank you dad, Goodnight!" I kissed his cheek and went up to my room. Now since that drama is through, I shall introduce myself. I am Tee Elizabeth Andrews and I am the only daughter and child of Jason Michael Andrews. He is a senator and my life has just been threatened hence the bodyguards.

I went to my closet to look for clothes but how in the world will I disguise myself if I don't have ugly clothes!? Not to be arrogant or anything but I'm being honest. What do I do now? Aha! I shall call my dad's secretary. I got my phone and dialed her.

Ring ring ring ring ring ring. Come on pick up!!!

"Hello? Tee? Is something wrong?"

"Hey, Shannon!" I greeted my dad's secretary.

"Shelby." She corrected.

"Shelby? What happened to Shannon?" she was the 3rd secretary my dad replaced.

"I don't know dear but is something wrong?"

"Um.. I need ugly clothes for a good disguise tom-"

"I already got them dear I'm on my way to your mansion right now actually."

"Oh, great! Wait. How did you know?"

"Your dad told me dear." Wow a dear in every sentence it's getting kind of annoying.

"Okay I'll be waiting."

"Bye dear" it's not getting kind of annoying. It's annoying.

Five minutes passed when I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in" I said

"Hello dear!" ugh! Too much dears!, Shelby was not what I expected at all, I was expecting. Blond bimbo but the girl standing in front of me is … brunette bookworm. At least my dad had the decency to stop screwing his secretaries and before you think of anything he's not cheating on my mom. My mom passed when I was merely two years old.

"Hi!" I greeted

"Your dad told me about this plan you made and I think it's absolutely exciting!"

So maybe she's not too bad after all.

"Let's get started here are the clothes" she said full of excitement.

"Thank you Shelby!"

"Your welcome dear" okay that has got to stop!

"Shelby? Can you stop saying dear in every sentence?" I told her trying to sound not offensive.

"Oh! Okay I'm sorry my sister says the exact same thing dea- tee"

"Really? I'd love to meet her some day! Oh and thank you!"

"I bet she'd love to me you too. And your welcome!" when she left. I immediately fell into a deep sleep.

The next day.

I put my disguise on and I looked pretty ugly in it. This so totally rocks!!! Today I'm going to school and I'm nervous why I'm nervous? I don't know why.

I went down to the dining table to find my dad was no where to be found.

"Where's dad?" I asked one of the maids

"He had an emergency meeting would you want anything to eat ma'am?"

"Paula please don't call me that."

"Then what would you want to be called?"

"Tee would be great." She looked taken aback

"But that's your name" no duh.

"Exactly what you should call me" I gave her a soft smile.

"Okay… Tee"

"Better" I gave her a cheeky grin and made my way to the car. Before I was even given a chance to step foot on the porch Henry, the bodyguard appeared beside me.


"Tee don't worry I know about the deal with your dad but since your not in school yet…"

"Okay but I'm walking"

"I bet your walking to add effect?"

"Yes, yes I am" Henry laughed and told me to walk ahead. Henry was like a second father to me. He was a big bulky man. And he reminds me of a teddy bear.

When I arrived school I immediately received stares. I wouldn't blame them though with what I am wearing I would stare at myself. I was wearing a long ugly skirt, combat boots a baggy shirt that says I love NY and a hippie band to match the look.

"Nice look dork" shouted a blonde cheerleader

"Look a hippy freak!" another shouted. I would have been hurt but this isn't the real me so no hard feelings.

"Look another freak!" a boy shouted pointing to someone behind me and when I turned I was appalled to find the daughter of Mathew Baker. Mathew is also a senator and I guess my dad told him about the deal we made because she looked like me from head to toe. The only difference is her boots were orange and mine were yellow.

"Lord! Save the school! It's a circus now!" another kid shouted. Whatever, I went near her and introduced my self.

"Hi you probably don't remember me, I'm-"

"Of course I remember you! You are Tee right?"

"Yeah! And your Sandy Baker!"

"Yes I am and we are stuck with freak names until our lives aren't threatened anymore oh the life of a senator's daughter" we laughed and the bell rang.

Sandy and I all had the same classes. No surprise there! Are first class was English and as expected everyone stared and then gossiped and then assumed. The most interesting story was both of us were long lost sisters and that we reunited and we decided that we would rule the world by starting with this school. What nice imaginations! .

The rest of the classes were the same and then it was time for lunch.

"Look everyone the circus is here to perform!" Ashanti yelled. She is the biggest bitch in this school and I know her because her dad is a CEO of a company and that company owes my dad in the government which means her dad owes my dad a looooooot of money!

"Shut up. Shanty" Zack Anderson said. He is the son of the mayor and he is the biggest jerk on this planet. I must admit though maybe he isn't that bad cause he told his human barbie to shut up. Then he had to ruin it all.

"They are not the circus performers they are the freak show!" okay never mind .

Sandy and I were unfazed at all they weren't really insulting us. After lunch it was geometry and guess who were in that class. Zack and Ashanti. When we entered the classroom everyone started laughing . Sandy and I went to the empty seats and ignored them I noticed Shanty was pissed because whatever she says she couldn't get a reaction out of sandy and I. Well she never will.