Tee's POV

It's been five years and today is our (Zack and I's) anniversary. I am so excited! I plan to surprise him with a gift but for the life of me I don't know what to get.

*ring ring ring my phone rang and I went over my desk to get answer it.

" hello?" I asked through the receiver without looking at the caller i.d.

"hey, babe." Just hearing his voice it already made me blush.

"hey!" I answered cheerfully.

"where are you?" he asked.

"at the Mall." I answered

"what are you doing there?" well since I couldn't tell him I was gonna get him a gift, I answered this instead.

"I'm looking at new stocks."

"oh, okay, look we need to talk." He replied in a very serious tone that made me nervous.

"what about?" I hesitantly asked.

"not now, just meet me at the park kay?"


"just meet me there Tee." He interrupted me sounding pissed.

"but-" I tried once again. But he put the hung up on me.

What the heck did he want to talk about? I hate it when people say ' we need to talk' that line is just so, ugh! I roamed around the mall for a few minutes trying to find Zack something nice but I couldn't think right. Know what? Why don't I just get this over with? I don't even know what time I'm supposed to meet him in the park! Then my phone vibrated.

Fr: Zackkkk 3

I'm here. Hurry up.

I stared at my phone for a long time wondering why the heck his message seems so cold. Usually it would end with an I love you or a take care. But now it doesn't end with anything except a stupid period. I didn't bother replying cause the park is right at across the mall and I would be there in no time. When I went out the mall to my surprise it was already dark. I looked at my watch and saw that it was already 7:30 PM so I was in the mall that long? Maybe that's why Zack is pissed. Yes, that's why.

I crossed the road on my way to the park and there were still some people left. And by some peole I mean a lot. Hmm. That's unusual. Usually only a group of teenagers composed of five people are here but now? There are a lot. And there isn't even any event. Wow. How weird.

"Tee." I turned to my right and saw Zack approaching me.

"hey!" I went went to him and hugged him.

"Tee, were in the middle of the park with a lot of people…"

"I don't care." I said and never pulled away from the hug.

"We need to talk." He said then I got nervous all over again.

"okay, talk" I said still hugging him.

"Tee…" he tried to get me off but I was still hugging.

"Tee, I want you to face me." He continued.

"…" I didn't reply now I'm as hell as nervous.

"okay, fine if you want it that way." He said.

"hmmm." That's all I replied.

"Tee, I wanna break up with you." When I heard those words it's as if my whole word was frozen and to make it worse there were some people who were close to us and I'm pretty sure they can here our conversation.

"what?" I asked as I let go of him.

"I wanna break up with you." I couldn't say anything. I was frozen. Then he suddenly kneeled infront of me.

"I don't want to be your boyfriend anymore, I want to be your husband. I want to wake up with you every morning beside me." Then he shoved his hand in his pocket and got it out. A ring. A really pretty ring with a heart shaped diamond.

"so, what do you say will you be my wife?" he asked. Then I started to cry in relief and happiness.

"yes! Of course! Heck yes! " he inserted the ring in my finger and stood up to kiss me.

"Cingratu;ationsssss!!!" Someone yelled. I turned and there stood everyone. Like literally everyone. Shelby, dad, Zack's parents Sandy, Jace, Suzy, Logan even our highschool friends were there.

"so is this why there were a lot of people in the park?" I asked Zack.

"yup! I planned it all out." He replied hugging me and kissing me lightly on the lips.

"we even got it on video!" Paula yelled. Remember Paula our maid? Yeah, even the maid were here.

Then I slapped Zack's chest.

"what was that for!?" he asked.

"don't you ever do that to me again! I almost had a heart attack when I thought you were seriously breaking up with me!" I yelled loud enough for our family and friends to hear. They all just laughed and Zack said sorry.

"Sorry, but you gotta admit. That was a sweet way of proposing."

"your always gonna be a confident jerk zack." I said while I rolled my eyes. And what I said is true he will always be a confident jerk. But that's what I love about him. i guess what they say is true. That you'll never know how twisted your fate is when it comes to love. And as you all know my fate is pretty twisted. I mean from being the boy I loathe with all my heart, to being the boy I can't live without. I love him and he loves me too. That's all I ever wanted in life. To love someone and to be loved. And thanks to Zack. I got everything I wished for.

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