Living Nightmare
January 7th, 2011

They gore the image of lady justice,
Leave the blood as they leave the truth,
Scattered in shambles across cobblestone roads.

They killed our lady truth.

They pick at the stone wall of hope
They've built,
Writing slander across it's tiled, black roofs.
They spit in the name, of the named they follow.

They wounded their father hope.

They scratch dead names into fading blue rock,
Her image now broken and aged,
They broke her into pieces and pieces.

They stole our mistress of honour.

They crawl from rooftop to top,
Sending black coal ashes anew,
They infect your pitiful, hacking lungs,

They've taken your health from you.

They build up empires of broken stone slabs,
Stealing those who cannot disappear,
And warped the image of what you see,
They've poisoned your eyes and yet,

They'll tell you, it cannot be.

They've taken all that they could from you,
Except your beating heart.
One day they'll find you in the night,
And send them off in carts.