Made: Saturday, January 08, 2011

Time: 1:47p.m


Let's just say
I ran away
And never came back again.

I've always been told
Just to get over it
That this is getting old
But I can't do that yet.

Let's just pretend
I came to an end
And died some on the inside.

My words are meaningless now
I know that you're too far gone
I could chase you every which way and how
But the path is just too long.

Let's just close our eyes
To what we didn't realize
Because I was never really there.

I'm sure if you gave it a chance
You would regret it all the time
I'm just sick of this game, of this dance
Of feeling like I should cause the crime.

Let's just ignore
My suffering more
And turn our backs on it still.

It's alright for you, you know
But she'll never see things how I do
I just wish I could end this show
I've only noticed how my feelings grew.

Let's just choose
To be over you
I can't handle it anymore.

Sometimes I feel it'd be easier to run
Maybe if I wish myself gone
No, no, I say to the gun
I no longer will be your pawn.

Let's just say
I ran away
And never came back again.