col·or·bred by Maria Gracia [MaGa]

you threw the ball [all the way] up
knowing when it came no one would catch the blast;
push it –me– away.

the ceiling above turning
/black/ dust that covers us all.
(but before…)

the day was bright enough to burn your eyes
& barbeque our skin with favorite sauce.

the light /danced/
making color-filled whirls with its tail.
textures crafted fingers couldn't detect
tugging red, blue, & yellow away.

& in the end,
sat·is·fac·tion wasn't all the dictionary promised me.
'cause after ecstasy & the milky way,
i fell. you left.
& I was empty, tainted, tucked away.
(just like my mother's vase. )

but the /black/ is here now;
a new day comes, they say.
yet 'who knows?'

maybe you're col·or-blind,
i'm col·or·bred.

[a shade that can't find paper to paint.]

Note: It's been very, very long. It feels so good to find words again. & yes. most of the times, you have more clues than I do. (133 words.)