Alright, new story. Ths is going to be done in story arcs, smaller plots following on from each other. The characters are almost all warlocks, and it's set in the same world as my oyher story, 'The NightClass', so there may be the occasional mentions of events or characters from that, though the stories aren't otherwise connected. This is going into T and should be staying there, so I haven't any warnings for you.

After the unfortunate and untimely passing of my parents, I'd went to live with my uncle, my mother's younger brother and the much less mature of the two, who'd decided that he'd want to have me around since my mother had hardly let him see me, and that a normal school was for losers, so he'd hired me a private tutor so I could be taught at home. By some unpleasant coincidence, my tutor had had the joy of attending high school with my uncle, and had been the victim of a great many pranks. Needless to say, they didn't part on the best of terms, and they seemed to spend more time bickering than worrying about my education.

Six months in, and while I was fetching some books from upstairs, I heard some dreadful banging and an explosion sort of noise coming from the kitchen. When I got back downstairs my uncle was in the kitchen, looking pleased with himself and trying not to laugh, and everything seemed to be in order except for a pile of clothes on the floor in front of him and a large, fluffy black cat trying to disentangle itself from them.

Normally, when my uncle looks pleased with himself, it means he's done something he shouldn't have, but it was still a surprise when the cat started shouting, "Jones! What is the meaning of this? Turn me back immediately!" My tutor, Mr O'niel, was never one for patience, or tolerence, so it was only to be expected the he and my uncle would be at ends most of the time. However, even my uncle and his pranks rarely ever went this far. Turning somebody into a cat was pretty tricky magick, and I was actually surprised he'd pulled it off. Not to mention it was pretty stupid, considering what O'niel would do to him when he got turned back.

One thing that has to be said about my uncle, he's only good at magick when it suits him. It turned out, he learnt how to do that from the internet, and the site never said how to undo it. When O'niel did get turned back, he was going to be in very, very big trouble. For the time being, he did attempt to continue with my lesson, though it was a little difficult for him without the use of apposable thumbs. They really are quite nifty things, thumbs, one of those things you never quite appreciate until you have to do something without them.

I was still trying to learn how to move items of furnature across the room, beginner stuff and quite useless for anything beside moving house, but when you're learning you have to start at the basics, and I hadn't taken well to magick. When I finally got the chair to move, it crashed into the wall, and O'niel-cat jumped up and down and snapped, "No, no, no! Concentrate, Jesse. Don't loose your focus!" I nodded and tried again, barely mannaging to make the chair wobble, but it was pretty difficult to concentrate with a cat yelling at me.

Just before lunch, and my uncle came into the room looking sheepish. When he looks sheepish, it usually means that somebosy is about to yell at him. "I can't figure out how to undo this," he admitted, "but I called the council, and they said they'd send somebody over from the Magickal Mishaps department, as soon as they can."

"The council? You called the council? That'll take weeks, maybe even months. I came here as a human, and I expect to leave as a human. So I suggest that you change me back, now."

One thing that has to be said about O'niel, you don't want to see him when he's angry. You won't like him when he's angry. My uncle sure didn't, because he backed out of the room pretty damn quickly. That left me in the room with a very angry O'niel. Cat or otherwise, he was still frightening when he was this mad. "I'm sorry if this is a problem, but I'm going to kill your uncle." he told me.

So, that left my tutor as a cat, my uncle as an idiot, and me in the middle. During the one and a half hour break I get at lunch time O'niel normally disappears for a while, but him being stuck in cat form made that difficult. That meant that he had another opportunity to shout at my uncle. "Well, have you found a way to fix this yet?" he demanded, pacing up and down the kitchen. My uncle sighed, "Oh, put a snickers in it." and pushed a saucer of milk in front of him.

"I find that quite offensive." snapped O'niel.

Of all the stupid things I've seen my uncle do so far, this exceeded even my expectations of him. As much as I would have like to see O'niel as a cat six months ago, I felt quite sorry for him. This might take quite a while to fix, after all. My uncle, ever sympathetic, only went and made it worse by saying, "At least you don't have a wife and kids to worry about you. Or anyone, for that matter."

"Wow. That is sooo comforting. Thank you, I feel much better. Now, change me back." growled O'niel.

He stretched out on a chair and curled up, glaring at my uncle. "I'm going to kill you for this, Jones. Do you know that?" O'niel dug his claws into the chair. I must say, they were deffinitely high on my list of things O'niel shouldn't be given. "You might as well just stay here, until the council sends somebody. It's a big house, there's room." my uncle suggested, though I don't think O'niel was best pleased about it. His ears were flattened back against his head, and his tail was flickering angrily.

One more stupid little mistake on my uncle's part after that. He picked him up and petted him like a plain old cat. O'niel-cat scratched and bit him until my uncle dropped him onto the floor, upon which O'niel left the room, nose in the air and tail up. "Well that was a little unnessarcery." my uncle said, and went to run his hand under a tap to wash off all the blood. "Jesse, where would I be able to get him a litter tray?" I shook my head at that and walked out, leaving my idiot of an uncle alone in the kitchen.