In the early hours of Wednesday morning I had to drag myself out of be to go and answer the door. I was expecting it to be the guys, dropping in on their way home from school, and was more than prepared to tear them apart for not waiting an hour or so. It wasn't the guys, though, but was in fact a man in a suit and sunglasses, who leaned against the doorframe and said, "I was told that I could find Domonic O'niel here. Would you please go and fetch him for me?"

It was too early in the morning and I didn't bother to sweettalk O'niel before I pulled him from the sofa and carried him to the door. He growled at me while I was carrying him, but he completely freaked when he saw the man in the doorway. "Oh, come now, Domonic, that's no way to treat an old friend." the man said, taking O'niel-cat from me. I went back into the living room to lie down, but I could still hear them talking.

"What are you doing here, Kenneth?" I heard O'niel ask.

"Oh, please. You know exactly why I'm here. I need to know just what did Arthur do with your ex-wife?"

"I don't know."

"Don't lie to me, Domonic, I'm not in the mood. Where is she now? Is she at the school?"

There was a brief pause before O'niel replied, "I told you, I don't know where she is. You'll have to ask somebody else." He sounded rather defeated. I quick lay down with my head on a pillow when I heard the front door click shut and pretended to be asleep when O'niel came in. He jumped up onto the sofa and pushed himself under my arm, curling up, probably about to take a nap. I was surprised when he mumbled, "Jesse, I know fully well you're awake, and it's impolite to eavesdrop. Now shift over and stop hogging the pillow."

I moved over so that O'niel could put his head on the pillow. He didn't purr when I started to pet him. He did shift a little closer to me, though. "Jesse, it's alright to lie, isn't it? When you're doing it to protect somebody you care about?" he asked.

I mumbled, "I guess so," and left my hand to rest on his back. O'niel didn't say anything else, and after a while his breathing started to become heavier.

It was still early, the sun was barely up and I was tired. It really wasn't worth doing anything that early in the morning, so I settled down for a nap, myself. I really was tired, so it didn't take me that long to fall back to sleep.

Wow, that was a really short chapter. I'm sorry about the long wait, but exam season's just finished for me, so I should be updating all of my stories a little more now.