A/N: Like a lot of my one-shots, this was written as part of the 100 Theme Challenege. This is Number 47 - Creation, and although it didn't start out as a 'prologue' to Mother Nature, it kind of turned into one half way through. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Boredom crept upon her slowly, like the coyote sneaking up on its prey. One day, she had been more than happy playing with the stars, rearranging them into patterns and making various shapes by placing them in carefully designated areas. The next, she felt the joy diminishing. Days later and she found that little pleasure came from playing with the stars.

She wanted a new toy.

"Daddy!" she whined, turning to her father. He sat, cross legged, on the black play blanket, the stars twinkling around him where she had placed them. He had made the blanket for her, and it had taken him years to craft it. It was delicate work, and he had only completed it recently. "I'm bored!"

"Bored?" he chuckled, reaching forward and brushing against her chin. "Already, my darling?"

"I want a new toy!"

He picked up the spherical object he had been crafting. Another object that had taken him an age to create, and he held it towards her. "You may have this, when I am finished."

She reached forward, but quickly he drew it back.

"Not yet, daughter. It is at a precious stage; the slightest mishandling of it will destroy it."

The daughter frowned, eyes fixed upon the object. She thought it was beautiful, much more so than the sparkling lights dancing around her, begging her to play with them once again. She wanted to play with it. Catching the light of the stars, the ball sparkled, and her eyes were drawn to the patches of blue on it. Between the patches, everything was black.

"Father," she sighed, "why is that black?"

He shrugged. "Would you prefer another colour?"

She nodded, and he bent forward, shielding the object from her view. Carefully, he stroked the black and smiled as it changed colour; first pink, then red, then purple and finally, green. He thought she would like this colour, it being one she had never seen before.

The daughter gasped in delight, clapping her hands with laughter when her father revealed the new colour to her. "This is green," he explained, finger running through patches of the new colour, making parts of it blue. "Green is grass, and blue is water. They are needed for other life to live. Understand?"

"I think so."

"I will give you endless joy, with this new toy," he chuckled, shaking his head at his unintentional rhyme. "There will be new playthings for you." He reached over, picking up one of the stars and twisting it, moulding it into a new shape. Green, for she seemed to like the colour, scales glinted in the twinkling stars light. The girl inched forward, slowly. "Now, you will share this new toy with your brother, understand?"

The girl pouted, angrily crossing her arms as she let out a disgruntled sigh. "But I don't want to share it with him!"

"You must," the father commanded. "You will have the green land, my darling daughter, and your brother will have the blue sea. You will work together to take care of the creatures in both, and ensure they are happy. Do you understand?"

She tilted her head to one side, staring wide eyed at the orb, lips still pouting. "The creatures?"

"Yes, like this one." He gestured to the green, scaly creature. "I will place more of these on the toy. You and your brother must watch over them, for once this is finished I must go somewhere else."

The girl cried out, scrambling forward and reaching out for her father, but he simply moved backwards, out of her way.

"I am sorry, but I must. Here."

He brushed his hand over her hair and her strands turned green, a light colour that complimented her skin. He smiled at her, before adding the finishing touches to the orb and handing it to her.

She gazed at it, in wonder and amusement, before twirling it in her hand. Her father chuckled.

"Remember, daughter, take care of it."