The topic of global warming is debated quite often. We all know it exists in some degree, but the problem is did man create Warming. Is it really that drastic? The big problem with this argument is on one side you have the IPCC which makes up a lot of there information. They change and modify their data. Take the chart they have that proves this, supposed "Man made global warming." The end of the hockey stick which rises up drastically is an inaccurate picture of what is actually happening. This is because there's been shifts of warming and cooling. About thirty years ago, we were going through a mini ice age and the warmists were telling everyone we were freezing to deth. Also, we're warming not only because we're recovering from a mini ice age, but because it's the suns hot period. At some points the sun is warmer then others. Also, climate science is no science at all. The weather is so unstable, and the climate shifts so much we never know. We can't predict anything either. We can't even predict tomorrows weather correctly, why should we attempt to predict the climate and warming in 100 years?