Playing God

This is a guide on how to create characters. A way in which you could define your characters. This also helps you keep your characters realistic. Playing GodI don't know about you, but I often read a story online and even after it's completion I have no idea who the characters are. It often turns out this way. The main problem is that people don't characterize well. They don't put a definite shape or form to their characters. Before you can put anyone or anything through a situational test you must know about them. Pretend this is a real person. You must know them to write about them, correct?People often do this and stories often seemed half sketched and sloppy. Often this confuses readersMany people struggle with knowing their characters. They might be writing the story, but they have no ideas who there characters are. The characters are a mysterious thing even to them, because they have not taken the time to develop the characters. The characters often in that situation seem undefined, vague, random, spiratic, and confusing. Therefore, it is most essential to define your you want to write a proper character it is good to understand humans and how they act and react. Everyone acts a bit differently, but there's a general guideline. To understand humanity, go out in the world and do some the situation in which you are observing. Then, watch as people interact and encounter one another. Watch very closely and jot down any notes or remember them. Understand and ask yourselves questions about why they are doing what they are. Evaluate values and appearance. You could always look around at different people and examine there you know the world a little you can now start developing your own person. If you already know how people work you could just start off here. Observing would be pretty much useless if you already know how people and things work. The wrong thing to do is to make up a situation and throw in random characters. Don't use characters in a situation you don't know. It's like assuming random things about random people. Going along and making stuff up often Makes the character more confusing and you often find that your readers are also confused as to who your character really is. I always think that the best characters are the ones that is based on real life. Even in fantasy. Make a few realistic traits. Make us believe that he could be someone we could meet in the streets. Allow us to believe that this is a real tangible person you creat. Often, if nothing else works modeling a character after a friend or some figure you admire is a good idea. Copy there traits and reactions. Make a copy of them in your story. Change the name and you are pretty much set. Sometimes, combining a few people in real life works as could also develop a person by thinking about real traits in society and put them to good use in a person of your own creation.a good thing to remember and to keep in mind, no matter if you are using a personal connection as a character or if you are making up a new one, is to blend your backstory of a certain character in to the story. We don't really want or care to know about there backstory in one lump. We also don't want to read a character profile or don't see any character sheets in a novel, now do you? They tell you about the character in the book. Some people online however use and depend on character sheets. The readers should not have to read the character sheets to know your characters in the , don't depend on a summary at the beginning or somewhere in the book in order to familiarize your readers with your characters. It often comes off as childish, amature, and anyone remember the Babysitter's club series, where a character told you about themselves at the beginning? I always got tired of it and bored when reading it. You read the first 2 chapters and it's all backstory. The action doesn't come in until the third. I always thought it was make it less dull and more fun, tell us about the characters without telling us all of the details in one big chunck. Reveal a little at a time throughout the Mary is combing her hair tell the readers that Mary has straight blonde hair. If Mary is shouting at someone, tell the readers that Mary is hot headed and that she likes to yell at people and blame them for are some questions you could use to think about a character. Remember don't use it so the readers could know. Really this is for use when :Where was your character born?About when?Who is the parents?What do they do?What is their traits?Do they raise there child well?Are they good parents?Do they exemplify what they teach?Do They have siblings?Did they get along with the character?What kind of environment did the child live in?Is there a lot of relatives?Are they close?Are the family spread out or do they live pretty close to each other?Does the family have a religion?Trait:Does the person have any disabilities?Is the character introverted or extraverted?If it helps, what is the astrological sign?What is some traits or personality of the character?What are some values?Is the character idealistic, Naive, optimistic, or pessimistic?Do they care for perfection?Does your character act well in loud surroundings, big crowds, and large parties?Is your character rough or gentle?Who or what does your character idealize?What do they consider as a heroic act?What does your character hate?What can your character do best?What are their hobbies?What do they want to become?What sort of setting does he prefer?What kind of books, movies, TV Shows, plays, music, magazines, or other entertainment does he like? Any specifics can also help, so any specific ones?Favorite Food?What kind of friends do they have?Who are they?Appearance and setting:What part of town does he live in?Does he move a lot?Does he live with someone?A room, an apartment, house, shop/house, mansion, or what?How rich is he?How old is he?Does he have a job?What does he do for a living?If he goes to school, what grade?What's his eye color?Skin tone?Race?Hair color?Height?Body build?Kind of clothes?Kind of shoes?Does he own a car?What kind?Does he always carry something?