The Greatest Essay

A look at how to write efficient and great essays. I dispute the traditional textbook grade school paper. Author's Note: I recommend for any student to only use this outside of school. For school papers, use the grade school method you learn. You will get a better grade that way. Your teachers will not like this format very , when you think essay you think, introduction, three supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion, right? We learn to write these types of term papers in fourth or fifth grade. We learn these are the correct types of papers and every other type is not good. I remember I never liked them. I thought they were stupid. Everytime I tried to write a paper like that it never worked well. I thought I did something wrong, and attempted to rectify it. As good as it looked, it still appeared as childish, amature, unprofessional and in tenth grade I found some good essays and well written papers or pieces. I scrutinized them all thoroughly. I found them nothing like your grade school term papers. I looked over them even further and examined what the scholars did differently than the idiots who decided on the grade school paper's format. I decided there were way too many differences to improve on the school papers, so I started first mistake is the conclusion. How many actual professional papers, or works have you read that actually restated the above content at the end? I've read very few that does that. Most doesn't contain such a conclusion and assumes that the readers can remember what was stated in the paper. If a writer is an efficient writer they really don't have to do much rapping up. Often Making the final point the strongest and most memorable is enough. Allow your final point to really be final and you may end there. However the bothersome conclusion is not the end of the problems. It's only a you ever seen anything wrong with contractions? It won't harm you after all. It doesn't do your essay harm at all. The word "you: should also not be a problem unless you make it painfully blatant that you are reaching out too far and talking with the readers too much. Use the word you naturally. Don't use you to reach out for the audience but rather use it as a way to explain to them. Use it as sparingly as you would any other word. Don't use it if you don't need to use it. However, don't go and replace every you with the word one. It's unnatural. The point of a masterpiece or an essay is not to connect with your readers, but it is to convey a essay is written to convey something in some way. The best way to write an essay is really left up to you. The one thing to remember is to inform and impart some information and not to bond with the best way to write an essay is not to chop it up in to many bits and pieces by topic and discuss them in disconnected and tasteless paragraphs. This in term eliminates the thing English teachers prize, the thesis rest of the introduction however is not a problem, except if you learnt it is for summarizing your paper. For the most part you want to introduce your paper in the introduction. Be creative, entertain your readers, and allow them to be interested and desire to read your paper. Go in to some history or write down some interesting facts that relates to your subject. Then, you may proceed to writing the rest of your paper. I often like to think of an essay similar to telling a story, except for the persuasive paper. In that case it's similar to any professional debate. Except you don't talk to the readers and you only state your points and supporting reasoning along with the points of the opponent also backed up by supporting details are quite the important thing. Without it your paper is weak and noneffective. Tell us why you are taking the stance you do. Show us how this is right. You can make claims all you want, but without your supporting details it means nothing. Most readers either won't or can't take your claims in. Most need to know why.. Writing an essay should feel natural. It should not be hard, forced, a chore, or anything of the sort. It should be as fun as any other story. It should not be difficult if you do it correctly. Dropping the outline and the grade school textbook method of molding a essay that looks like all others should aid in the this way you should be able to feel as if this paper belongs to you. Use your unique style and show off your talents. Have fun writing your essay. Relax and enjoy it as much as your stories.A final but most important tip is to write professionally, maturely, and with a good set of vocabulary. Make it appear as if you are writing this instead of speaking it. Show people that you have enough professionalism to inform them. Have fun, but also be productive and professional.