I'm Snooki, you just Angelina,

You talking shit, but no one's around to see her

Hey, just cause I like him doesn't mean you have to make him yours,

Your a marshmellow, but get out of the middle, because we ain't making smores.

Stop saying i'm the problem, because you ain't the solution

Bitches be asking wondering my condition,

I say I fine, better than ever.

I don't care what the hell happened when we were together.

It's over now, lesson learned.

Ha, now you can see the tables have tables have turned.

Hey, ho, stop trying,

All you do is lying.

I don't care about your problems, you don't care about mine,

Oh, you'll see in time.

You ain't in love, infatuate,

Maybe just a speed-date.

I don't care what the hell it takes,

I want nothing to do with your mistakes.

Good-bye, I'm done being put through this,

I'll bend over so you'll know where to kiss.

Oh, you ain't nothing but a wanna be,

but, you'll never be me.

So go stop trying,

And try living like you're dying.

It may not be 2012,

But it leaves your problems on a shelf.

Hey, I went through hell, but I ain't through,

I'm just ready to prove everything wrong to you.