Libera Moi

I was running through a store, books falling off of the shelves all around me. I went aisle to aisle, trying to avoid them. I stumbled over fallen toys, Barbie dolls and toy trucks. Magick swirled around me, fogging my vision.

Why have they come for me? Why now? I wondered to myself as I tried to locate the front door to the store. I couldn't find it; the aisles had become a horrifying maze… something that I needed to escape from.

A man appeared before me, a knife in his hand. Was he one of them? I skid to a stop, staring up at him. He was African American, and tall. So tall. I felt tears stinging in my eyes as I backed away from the man in the leather outfit. Yes, he was one of them.

"Cachez-moi de leurs yeux," I murmured in French. Hide me from their eyes. I didn't know how well this spell would work for me, but I was hoping for the best as I rounded the corner. Another aisle of books.

I caught my reflection in a children's book. My raven black hair was now a burgundy; my crimson knee length dress was replaced with purple skinny legged jeans and a band tee. I felt an easy smile spread across my lips. They were painted in an almost black color, and my face was thinner.

The only thing left that resembled me would have been my copper eyes. They shone out, even in the darkest of nights. I guess it was the magick inside of me.

I busied myself looking at the romance novels, none catching my eye. Who was I kidding, I wasn't here to shop. I slowly made my way to the front desk, grabbing up a Kit-Kat bar and pulling a dollar bill out of my pocket.

"Hello, did you find everything, ma'am?" the cashier asked me, and I only nodded. I could feel the men creeping up on me, and I knew that they would figure me out in a moment.

She rung up my candy bar, and as soon as she did, the burly African American had a hand on the back of my neck, squeezing.

I closed my eyes quickly, trying to concentrate. What had my mother always told me to do, when this happened? All of my thoughts quickly fled my mind.

"Girl! We will help you!" a young man, probably about my age, appeared in my thoughts, his shaggy black hair covering his jewel eyes.

I quickly opened my eyes, sensing more than two other witches around me. I thanked whatever God was watching over me right now, as I brought my elbow back, and slammed it into the man's stomach as hard as I could.

His grip loosened, and I took advantage of it. By now, my spell had worn off. I was back in my dress, oh joy. I turned quickly, bringing my fist back as I looked the man in the eyes. His were black, seemingly all pupil.

I swung my fist as hard as I could, crashing it into the man's nose. He stumbled backwards as I grinned smugly, running as fast as I could out the door and into the pouring rain.

A small girl appeared beside me. "To the car, you have to get to the car. We can get you somewhere safe," she yelled over the roar of the parking lot's commotion.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards a white car. We ran faster and faster, when… crack.

Okay, I was used to being hit by things, but a shopping cart?! I thought to myself as I tumbled to the ground, my dress flying up in odd angles.

I rolled in the fresh mud puddles, trying to escape. "Come on!" the small girl screamed, panic written across her face.

As I started to stand up, I seen a tall Caucasian man running towards me, his eyes set for the kill. Oh dear God, I thought to myself. He had a… rabbit in his arms. Wait, why did he have a rabbit? According to superstitions, the rabbit is a fear caller; and boy, I felt the fear.

But why in the world would he be carrying it? I thought to myself as I sprang up off of the wet parking lot, and directly into the boy who had warned me he was there in the store just moments before.

The flashing lights had me confused, and I was shivering from the rain. He wrapped an arm around me, and half carried me as he ran for a vehicle.

"Next time, watch out for yourself," he growled as he shoved me into the backseat of a white car, closing the door behind me.