Sometimes I wonder why my mom made us live here. I live in the small town of Green Wood. We moved here five years ago. I was twelve then.

Around the town there's this big cement wall. It's too tall to look over and it's dug so deep in the ground you can't dig under and if they ketch you trying to escape they throw you out there. Out there…beyond the wall.

One time a man tried to dig under the wall…one of the guards saw him. They then opened the big metal door to the outside of the town and through him out. He screamed and yelled for them to let him in; he said there was something out there. Then we herd one last scream and then all went silent. We were all then order to go back to what we were doing.

From what I saw beyond the wall when we came five year ago was trees and when they through the man out all I saw was trees.

Sometimes I wonder if the wall is to keep us safe like they say or to trap us in. If it were to keep us safe, what's out there that we need to be safe from? They never tell us anything about what's going on. Every once and a while a big hovercraft comes and drops big wooden boxes filled with supplies for each family. All we get is simple stuff like fabrics, some food, water, and blankets, basically anything they think we might need. If we need something special like medicine or shoes we have to put in a request to the mayor.

We are not allowed to have radios or TVs. It's like they don't want us to know what's going on in the rest of the world. It's the same in school we only learn about the town's history and it's forbidden to talk about or ask anything about the wall or what's beyond it.

Everyday after school I go to Mrs. Merry weather's. I go help her with errands' sometimes because she is one of the oldest people in town. I've never really asked her how old she is.

Mrs. Merry weather's son built the wall around the town. The wall was finished a year before my mom and I moved here. Sadly Mrs. Merry weather's son died shortly after he built the wall. I wish I knew why the wall was built and why were trapped here.

Then it hits me. Mrs. Merry weather has to know something about the wall. It was her son who built the wall so she has to know something.

I then ran across town to her house. It's not that big of a house but its ok for her. When I reached the front porch I knocked on the door. After a few seconds of waiting the door opened.

"Goodness Tara you must not scare me like that!" she said with a big smile on her face. "For a moment I thought you were Mr. Brown again".

"Mr. Brown?" I asked. "Who's he?"

"One of the guards", she said as she waved for me to come in. "He told me he'd be by later".

Mrs. Merry weather then shut the door and led me to the living room. When we sat in the two chairs.

"If Mr. Brown is one of the guards why is he coming here?" I asked. I was very puzzled because why would one of the guards need to come to her place anyway.

"Mr. Brown told me he need to have a talk with me about the wall", she said in a some what low voice. "The mayor wants to know what's beyond the wall. He insists I tell him".

"If you don't mind me asking what is beyond the wall?" and just as I said that there was a loud knock at the door.

"Go hide in the closet near the door", she whispered as she walked to the door. "Keep your ears open and keep your mouth shut".

I then went into the closet and closed the door. I then herd the font door open.

"Mrs. Merry weather I'm very pleased to see you", said a man in a scruffy voice.

"Why Mr. Brown", said Mrs. Merry weather. "Come in and take a seat".

"You know why I am here don't you?"

"Yes…to talk about the…."

Then everything went quiet.

"You are alone? Aren't you?" Mr. Brown asked with suspicion.

"Yes what would make you think any different"?

"I thought I herd something?"

"Never mind that!" said Mrs. Merry weather. "Let's just get to what you came her for and you can be on your way".

"Fine then", said Mr. Brown. "I'm here to ask you a very important question".

"I told you once and I won't tell you again!" yelled Mrs. Merry weather. "I haven't the fondest idea what is over the wall!"

"You must know something! He was your son!" yelled Mr. Brown. I wish I could step in there and defend Mrs. Merry weather but I wouldn't want to face the consequences.

"I told you my son told me nothing! He kept everything in his journal!"

"Where is the journal?" Asked Mr. Brown in a strict voice.

"I don't know!" yelled Mrs. Merry weather.

"Well best be off", said Mr. Brown as he headed for the door. "Oh and another thing your house will be search for that journal, as soon as possible".

Mr. Brown then left; when I was sure he was gone I came out.

"Where's the journal?" I asked.

Mrs. Merry weather didn't answer.

"You have to tell me where it is so I can keep it from them," I said. "If not they're going to find it and you'll get in trouble for lying".

"I'll show you but you must keep it hidden", she said as she led me to her bedroom, she then pulled an old hat box out from under her bed.

"It's in there?" I asked. I didn't think it'd be in an old hat box.

"Yes", she said as she opened the hat box.

Inside was an old Journal and on the front is said Tim Merry weather and just below it in small writing it said the secrets of the unknown.

"Here take it and go out the back door", said as she handed me the journal.

I then did as she said and walked out the back door and headed home.

"Tara!" said Mrs. Merry weather who was standing in the door way. "I want you to read it and remember keep it safe!"

"I will!" I yelled back to her.

I then shoved the journal under my shirt so no one would see it. When I got to the town square I noticed everyone was gathered around the metal door to beyond the wall. I think they were throwing someone outside. I wonder what rule this person broke this time. They haven't thrown someone out in weeks.

When I finally pushed my way through the crowd so I could see, I found out I was right.

"You can't put me out there!" begged the women. "You can't I have kids! Please! Please!"

"Where are your kids?" asked one of the guards as he smacked her on the back of the head.

I then noticed Mr. Ben was there.

"There over there!" screamed the women. "Please! Please!"

"Well if you want your kids so bad then they can go out there with you!" yelled the guard.

"No! No!" begged the women.

Mr. Ben then opened the door and throw the women and her kids out there. They then closed the metal door. Normally I wouldn't feel sorry for anyone who got thrown out but there's just something about that lady and her kids getting thrown out makes me want to cry. The kids where so young.

There was then an ear piercing scream and then all was silent.

"Get on your way!" yelled Mr. Ben.

I then headed my way home. When I got home my mother was pleased to see me.

"How was your day Tara?" my mother asked me.

"Ok…I guess", I answered.

"Well go wash up!" she said. "Supper is almost ready".

I quick ran upstairs and went to my room. I then shoved the journal under my pillow. After I washed up and went down stairs.

"I hope you don't mind I made cabbage stew again", She said as she placed a big bowl in front of me. "I don't know why they send us so much cabbage".

"When's the next time we get supplies?" I asked.

"Tomorrow I think. Can you come help me?"

"Sure I have nothing better to do anyway", I said. "Do you think we might get something other to eat then cabbage?"

"I don't know? I put in that request for a new stew pot".

"Mom do you know who that lady was who got throw out?" I asked.

"The one with the kids? No", answered my mom.

It didn't take me long to finish my supper.

"So do have anything planned tonight?" asked my mom.

"Ya I have to finish some homework". I don't like lying to my mom but I couldn't tell her I was going to read Tim Merry weathers journal that held secrets to the town.

I then ran upstairs and went to my room. I grabbed the journal and opened it.

I began to read the journal and there wasn't really anything important, until on the sixth page it said that in the city hall there was a secret passage way that led to his office.

I was about to turn the page when I herd my mom call for me to go to sleep.

The very next I got up and got ready to go to the town square.

"Tara!" yelled my mom from down stairs. "Hurry up!"

When I was ready I grabbed Tim Merry weathers diary and shoved it in my sweater pocket. After I made sure I had everything I ran down stairs and my mom and I went to the town square.

When we got there we found our wooden box and opened it.

"More cabbage!" my mother said in disappointment.

That's all we got in our wooden box. Me and my mother then cried the wooden box full of cabbage to the house.

"Tara can't you take the cabbage out of the box and put it in the fridge for me?" asked my mom.

"Sure" I said back.

When I finally unloaded the box I found a piece of paper.

"What's this doing in here?" I said out loud.

When I opened it up it had some kind of writing on it. I've seen the writing before in a book up at the town hall.

That's just the excuse I need for going to the town hall.

I then put the note in my pocket and ran to the town hall.

"Tara Ivory what are you doing here?"

I then spun around to see Mr. Brown. How does he know who I am?

"Why don't we go to my office and talk", he asked and before I could answer he grabbed my arm.

We went up five flights of stairs till we finally reached his office.

"Take a seat", he ordered as he shut the door.

I quick sat down in the seat in front of his desk.

"I know you were listening in on my conversation with Mrs. Merry weather!" he said. "So don't say you weren't!"

"Do you have any proof that I was there?" asked him.

"No not yet".

"If you don't have proof you can't blame me for anything".

I then stood up and walked out of his office. I made it down the five flights of stairs when Mr. Brown came behind me and knocked me out.

I have no idea how long I was out for but I do know hit me pretty hard because when I woke up my head was pounding. I was so confused; I had no idea where I was. Where ever I was it was damp, mossy, and smelled like pine.

When everything stopped spinning I noticed I wasn't in town anymore…I was outside the wall.

I quick checked my pocket for the diary and found it was still there. So was the note I found in the crate.

I hade no idea what to do next. I could stay here or go out there into the woods. If I went into the woods I'd probably end up being killed by what ever was out there.

Then I herd something, the sound came from the woods.