I had no idea what she was taking me but I really didn't care at the moment I was worried about what Aidan was going to do to Ivan.

"Let go of me you freak!" I screamed, right then and there I knew I had made a big mistake.

Emma tightened her grip on my arm and yelled "Freak! You think I'm the freak! Well let me tell you one thing that Tom Merry Weather was the freak, he's the one who made me what I am!".

Emma then began dragging me to the edge of a cliff and shoved me hard onto the ground.

"Take a nice long look", Emma shouted. "You have the right to know the truth".

As I looked over the edge of the cliff, I saw the most horrid thing I've ever seen.

Down below were five other towns that looked exactly like Green Wood, all five of the towns had high cement walls all around the towns.

"This is what the famous Tom Merry Weather did", shouted Emma.

"But he did it to protect us, from…." I began but stopped as I realized that tears were falling from Emma's eyes.

"From us", Emma said. "Do you want to know the real truth?"

I just looked at her blackly.

Without needing an answer Emma began.

"It was about five years ago, Tom Merry Weather was working on human cells, trying to create some sort of concoction that when drunk would make you faster, stronger, and even smarter. Dan Nester was fascinated. Dan Nester was the head scientist at the lab at which Tom Merry Weather worked".

"But what does this", I said pointing out to the walled in towns bellow, "Have to do with any of that?"

"Dan Nester wanted to use the concoction to create an army, Tom Merry Weather didn't want that. Dan Nester at night snuck into the lab and took the concoction, he then began making his army. Well you know what happened next, don't you?"

"No, I don't", I said.

"Well Dan Nester took over the world, with his army he was invincible, no body could touch him. People tried fighting back, rebelling. Dan Nester didn't like that so he made Tom Merry Weather, who was his prisoner at the time, make an acid that when touch would kill anyone instantly. Dan Nester then tested it on a few people, two of them being my parents. The acid didn't kill them, but it did make them a sickening green and turned there hair black as coal. Dan Nester was afraid, so he had towns built with cement walls around them, everyone was then moved into one of the towns. If anyone tried to escape from the town or became unruly, they were thrown out of the town and turned into, what you would call mutants".

"That's horrible", I said. I was astonished, everything I had learned about in school was a lie.

"Well our people try to get to the town where someone is getting kicked out before the creeps who work for Dan Nester get there. Then we bring them to our camp".

"What does this have to do with me?" I asked. "Why did you take me?"

"You don't know how important you are, do you? You have no idea at all", she said surprised.

I just shook my head, at this point I was kind of hoping is was a dream and that all of this wasn't real.

"Your Tom Merry Weather's daughter".

For a long time I just sat there on the ground with a blank expression.

There was no way I was Tom Merry Weather's daughter.

"I can't be", I finally said.

"Oh but you are", Emma said as she sat down beside me. "Why do you think old Mrs. Merry Weather trusted you so much with her son's diary?"

"Where is Mrs. Merry Weather?" I asked.

"We didn't get to her in time", Emma sadly said.

"What are they going to do to her?"

"They'll try to erase her mind".

"Why didn't they want anyone to know what was beyond the walls of the town? Why weren't we allowed to have radios?"

"I know you have a lot of questions but I think it's time we go to my camp", she said as she grabbed my arm again but this time not a hard.

Then I thought about Ivan. Was he there?