Black Fire

Moving to a new town seemed... dull... to Ema Kadri Boleslawa. Her eyes happened upon a mansion upon the hill as her family car pulled into the small town of Gabeln. She clutched at her chest a worn out copy of the first book in her favorite series. An apple could be seen peering from underneath her slender teenage arm.

She felt her entire body drawn to the said mansion, its figure shimmering in the setting sun, drawing her attention to the place. "Bella... is this what it was like for you to move to a new town?"

"What did you say sweetie?" Her mother suddenly turned her head towards Ema, a smile plastered on her face.

"I was wondering if Bella Swan felt like this when she moved to a new town, forced away from her friends." The young girl's eyes continued to stare up at the mountain, her breathing shallow, trying to imagine what kind of adventure she would have if she went to see whomever lived up there. Her curiosity became completely sparked.

"I wouldn't know as I haven't read the book." Her father continued to drive the car down the bumpy road, suddenly turning it up towards the mansion, heading towards the place.

Ema suddenly found herself perking up at the idea of moving to the actual mansion itself, but then the car turned away and she suddenly became rather depressed. However, she then saw it turn back yet again. The came closer and closer to the mansion, turning away twice. However, they finally came to stop in front of the gate.

Her father leaned out the window. "I took a wrong turn."

The car backed up, the Boleslawa teenager, suddenly widening her eyes at the disbelief that her dreams were crushed. Glancing down at the book, she shook her head. "Why is it that I can't get what I want?" There were a few mumblings from her mother.

"What do you mean by that?" Her mother smiled at her teenage daughter.

"I just want to be able to have an adventure like Bella. I want to be able to have an adventure like her." Ema leaned her cheek against the window. "I want Edward to be my boyfriend."

"I see. Isn't he played by that actor you think is mondo cute, Robert Patterson?" Her father let out a deep laugh.

"Well, if I can't marry an Edward, I guess I'll settle for a Robert."

They arrived at their house and her parents got out of the car and they headed up to the front door. Her father noted a newspaper left on their doorstep, not left rolled up like normal, but turned to a particular page with a note over it. Her father picked up the paper and read the note. "I don't know when you'll be moving in, but please read this news article."

"It's from the next door neighbor?" Her mother asked.

"Can I go and explore the neighborhood?" Ema wanted to go up to the mansion badly.

Her father glanced over the paper. "No... no, that isn't a good idea."

"But..." A stern look from her parents caused her to shut her mouth and she hurried in after them. She then headed to one room and opened up the window.

"Can this be my room?" Ema gave her parents a huge smile.

"I don't see why not." Her father stated.

"Please though... close the window." Her mother shook her head. Ema's eyes traveled to the newspaper and caught sight of the words serial killer. She did as her parents told her and shut the window. However, when they had left, she opened the window up again and slipped out.

"It isn't as if that serial killer has anything to do with me." She got out and hurried up towards the mansion, her flip flops clapping on the ground as she ran up the path. She got to the gate and found it to be locked, which flummoxed her. Slipping in-between the bars, she slipped in, heading towards the mansion.

Her first glimpse caused her mouth to drop. There was no beauty to this place, not ivy growing on the sides even to give it a haunted look. The place was in fact a burnt out shell, more clear now that the sun wasn't directly behind it. Disappointment abounded as she backed away, heading back down the road. "That isn't fair."

Suddenly, she found her body grabbed from behind, a cloth covering her mouth, causing her to pass out and her body go limp. She then felt herself being dragged away, only to have her pass into a black oblivion. She didn't know that she herself would make the front page of the paper the next day.

Author's note – This is my contest entry for January 2011 for the FanBBS. Gabeln is in fact German for Forks. I had a bigger idea, so I cut it down to this.