I am about to embark on the hardest journey

Of my life

Where I take the straight and narrow path

Of repentance.

REPENTANCE is a word

What a funny word

That means to turn around,

From the way you had preferred

Like how when you're riding down an alley

And you see,

A sketchy man in a dark coat and a face that rallies

A fear as deep as the sea.

Turn around to the protection of your father

And never return to where you ran from

Turning around is harder

And the other way is the weary way, but

The farther you go the easier it gets

To keep going the way you're going.

The way that ends where you began-at home

This is the straight and narrow path.

It is rocky and hard and difficult.

It is grassy and want for wear,

springy and sprightly when it should be

trampled and trodden,

and as full of birdsong

as it is filled with my heart's desire.

For a long time I have walked the common way.

In the beginning it had autumn trees and golden leaves

And glass and jewels and pretty things

I picked up a jewel to admire its beauty

But it turned into a snake that sings

Praises of lust and the neglect of my duty.

Now that I've been bitten

The path's beauty is as deceptive as a forbidden fruit.

And I must say, I'm quite smitten

With the idea of taking the harder route.

But I've started on my way

it's hard to convey, but

It is as tough as a diamond

And as simple as pie

To touch the sky

That I was born from.

Why this isn't as easy as it seemed!

But it never seemed easy

And it never will be easy

This will be the hardest journey of my life.

And I wouldn't want it any other way.

The things you work hardest for are the things with less strife

And more love.

I'm going home, I'm starting a journey.

It is the journey to JESUS.