Happy Valentines. :D

Dear You,

I don't know what to say. Well, for one thing, I never really expected you to read that last letter, let alone answer it. But lo and behold, Friday morning found me at my locker with a perfectly creased sheet of parchment sitting snugly atop my books, and for a second, I felt myself complete again. But when I flipped it open to peruse the contents, I swore by Davy Jones' locker that I wanted to either repeatedly hit myself in the face for ever sending you that letter in the first place, or, you know, just hit you in the face for even writing a reply instead. I don't know; either way sounds pretty good to me.

I also don't know what's going on in that acclaimed ingenious head of yours. Aren't you supposed to be the smart one? Because apparently, you can't even take a hint. Did I not-so-subtly let it slip that I might have the slightest feeling of non-brotherly affection towards you? And then you go around and throw my words back at my face, with a couple of atrocious knock-knock jokes to boot. How totally un-romantic of you.

I haven't a clue to how I'm going to approach you come Monday morning and, oh Hades, Valentine's Day, of all overrated, please-put-a-hole-in-my-bank-account holidays. I'm kind of expecting that you'd blow me off again once you see me, and, oh I don't know, pretend that I'm invisible for the whole day, and just reduce me into a big emotional heap of pathetic. I mean, all I ever did was pour my heart out to you, and you go ahead and toss it in the bin like it was last week's pile of dirty laundry. You can't do that, going around breaking innocent (pfft) little girls' hearts like that. It should be against the law – of love, that is. But don't you think that I'm going to let this one slide just as easily as the last time. Oh yes sir, it's just like that old saying goes… hit me once, I sock you in the eyes, crush your toes with mom's killer heels, dunk your head into the toilet and flush. Or something along that line. Bah, point is, I'm out to get you.

You've been warned.

With absolutely no love at all,