They say good things happen to those who wait.

All I know is that I'm running late!

Life can't be paused,

The clock is ticking away.

I feel I'm stuck here today.

I'm wasting my time by waiting.

Can't you see???

Time is not waiting for me.

I am very, very impatient.

Waiting always gets me in a bad mood.

Today's world is in fast forward mode,

So I think impatience is good.

Why do I have to wait so long for the traffic signal to turn green?

Don't you know our lives are faster than bullets; waiting is not in our gene?

Why does an old mobile or computer take so long to turn on?

Don't you know we work every minute of life, we can't wait from dawn to dawn?

Why do I have to wait at the doctor's chamber for so long?

Why does it take so much time to download a single song?

How does can a girl possibly take to say yes?

When will the light's come back on is anybody's guess!

Why do we have to wait so long for a reply to a job application?

Why do we have to be patient and answer all your questions?


I need to be somewhere else

But instead, waiting got me stuck here.

World is moving around me so

Impatience is the only word I can hear.

Don't you see waiting is snatching away time from us?

How can you wait and let the precious seconds pass?

How can you wait for the hourglass to turn?

If you love life, how can you let your time burn?

Life reduces with every minute we spend.

So this waiting and doing nothing needs to end.

We need to do everything fast.

That's the only way we can make life last.

Don't just walk away quietly!!

Whenever you see delay in something,

Shout out impatiently!

A/N: I know, unusual idea, but this is what I feel/believe. Anyone agree? No. okay.