My Meaning of Love

By Heartless Tuesday January 4, 2011

This is the last time

That we will try

This won't be the first time

I made you cry

I know you see the voices

As you listen to my eyes

Drowning in my false sanity

You should be scared

I may be cold hearted

But who cares

When I've got this crazy meaning of love

Tear out my eyes

Tear out my heart

Take my soul

There's nothing left

But your love

My thoughts are muddled filled with you

I pushed off the edge

I free fall

My blood flows

And we know I'm in love

My eyes only see you

My ears only hear you

Your love it hurts

But my love is

Holding tight cause this won't end

Looking over the edge

We'll jump one last time

For our end

This is my meaning of love

My meaning is pain