On The Road

By: Purple Yin

Driving on the highway was always plagued with uncertainty. You never knew what could happen, except that it was always a known fact to watch out for yourself and "them riders" as my auntie always said. "Them", I was told as a child, referred to the creatures in smoky black hoods riding in vehicles built in with weapons to kill, called Devils. Devils roamed the streets in gangs doing as they willed and wished. No one had ever seen what a devil really looked like under the hood but they were rumored, by the imaginative children of the streets, to be ghostly skeletons of the criminals in hoods back for revenge on the society that had wronged them. They created havoc for innocents like normal humans and my family when they robbed banks, trashed homes and parks and committed other tribulations to the community. But then again, calling my family "innocents" and "humans" would be a stretch of the truth.

My great grandfather, while still in his youth, created a clan, or some call gang, to protect people from these demons of the streets, after discovering how to mix his DNA with that of an animal to gain its physical traits. The protectors, selected by a specific blood type, had the power to use the animal traits to defeat the Devils. He called this clan the Rouge Monarchs or RMs for short. After his death, the legacy was passed on to my grandfather who passed it on to my father. Our clan has long been known by many surrounding towns and our reputation spreads further every time we complete a mission. You could say we are the celebrities of our time without the drama and paparazzi.

Well, that my family. As for me, I am the next heir to the family legacy, the very first girl to lead the clan against the Devils. My parents are proud of me and so are most of the clan families. Some, of course, oppose the leadership of a woman, believing that in my guidance, the clan will meet chaos and finally destruction. The opposition would have cracked the clan into separate factions if not for my father, ever so wise and loving. He devised a plan where I would train to be leader starting at the age of 13 until 19 to prepare myself. Or, he said, if I failed, would marry the son of an arranged family and he would succeed me instead. This proposal pacified the clan and so on my 13th birthday, began my instruction under the masters selected to teach me about the leadership of the Rouge Monarchs.