Chapter One:

By sheer coincidence, a luxurious Royal Sea-Caravan carrying 15-year-old Crown Princess Nerissa Donatella Sanderson's grandparents, Dowager Princess Nerina and Dowager Prince Caspian, and their excessive entourage, who were returning from a long trip around the Sea Nymph world, floated into Pacifica the very evening before she, her family, and Lady Coral and Lady Violet, her Ladies-in-Waiting, were going to depart from the Kingdom at the crack of sea-dawn in a different Sea Caravan for the rather unimaginatively and straightforwardly named Magical Creatures' Convention on La Isla Magica, an enchanted island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that happened to be completely invisible to the eyes of mere mortals. Like all other Sea Nymphs and their Consorts, Caspian and Nerina, both of whom Nerissa had never met before, most certainly didn't look like your typical grandparents, as they had stopped aging physically some time in their thirties.

Dowager Princess Nerina, a tall, gaunt, and admittedly striking mermaid with long, light-colored hair, high cheekbones, and a mertail in an unusual shade of powdery blue, who wore so many bulky strings of multicolored pearls and flashy sea-gold and sea-silver bangle bracelets that Princess Nerissa personally thought she looked absolutely ridiculous, though of course she had enough manners that she would never dare to say so out loud, sighed audibly as she swim-stepped from the Sea-Caravan, which essentially amounted in this case to a miniature palace pulled by a team of eight strong, white, identical sea-stallions. "What a terribly exhausting journey this has been!" she whined, seemingly more to herself than to anybody else in particular, and then she threw her hand dramatically to her forehead in a manner strangely reminiscent of the silent movie actresses of yesteryear. "I swear to Sea-God, if I ever go on another extended voyage around our realm, it will be too soon!". It was if she was wholly oblivious to the fact that her son and daughter-in-law, King Poseidon and Queen Melinda, not to mention her long-lost, half-human daughter were floating just a mere three tails in front of her and her Caravan. Following behind her were at least a dozen muscular Sea Nymph Consort servants, each hauling an armful of heavy shell-cases, presumably loaded with more and more gaudy jewelry, and Crown Princess Nerissa's slender, brown-haired, red-orange-tailed grandfather, who clutched an enormous treasure chest-like jewelry box, carved out of driftwood, near his heart.

"Might I help you with that, Father?" offered Poseidon, taking the weighty chest out of Prince Caspian's tiny, short-fingered hands.

"Thanks a million, my kind son". Caspian nodded curtly in Nerissa's direction. "My, my, my, Nerissa, the last time I saw you, dear pearl, I dare say you could've probably fit in that box! I sure hope you have a good time at your very first Magical Creatures' Convention".

On account of Melinda Sanderson being an orphan who was raised in foster care, having any living relatives at all was something of an adjustment to Nerissa, but finding herself face to face with her grandfather in this way suddenly prompted the Crown Princess of Pacifica to reflect on just how very little time she had spent with her new Pacifican relatives, since her mother revealed to her the truth about her otherworldly lineage on her fifteenth birthday. She felt a pang of regret as she realized at both of the royal balls she had attended, she pretty much ignored her numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, and several centuries' worth of ageless great-grandparents, and opted instead to devoting her full attention to the drop-dead gorgeous(both inside and out) young merman Lord Zale, who had recently left Pacifica for a boarding school near Australian coast. However, from now on, she silently resolved, she'd make a concentrated effort to get to know the extended royal family of the Sea Nymph kingdom of Pacifica, starting with the upcoming week-long sojourn to the La Isla Magica, as her Aunt Marina, Aunt Oceana, Aunt Naida, Aunt Mariah, Aunt Aquaria, and Aunt Thalassa, all six of King Poseidon's sisters were planning on traveling to the faraway Convention along with her and her parents.