A few years later…

Alex woke to the feeling of desperate paws scrabbling at his chest. He sighed but smiled looking down. His eyes found large sparkling mercury ones.

"Good morning Rain." He put a hand down and rubbed him behind the ears. His kitten had grown into a beautiful golden colored cat. He rubbed his muzzle into the palm of his hand before turning and jumping where his clock was sitting up on his dresser.

"Meow." Rain said putting his paws up on the clock.

"Oh shit I'm late!" Alex jumped up and threw on his glasses from the bedside table before stripping as fast as he could manage. He threw on one of his many striped shirts and went looking for a clean pair of pants.

"Socks…" he looked around and then he felt Rain brush across his leg he looked down to see him with a balled up pair of white socks in his mouth.

"Thanks buddy." He took the socks from his mouth before putting them on his feet. He grabbed a ruddy pair of old converse before quickly tying them on his feet. He ran to the bathroom running a frazzled hand through his boring brown hair and looking into his tired brown eyes and brushing his teeth.

He sighed dreading leaving his home to end up in the place where he was constantly antagonized by the other kids. You'd think they would have grown up a little bit by his sophomore year but not in the slightest. His only friend was Rain which was probably only entirely too sad.

"Let's go Rain." He said opening the door and letting Rain streak down the stairs and wait for him at the bottom. He grabbed a granola bar and opened the front door. He held it open so Rain could slip out.

"We're gonna have to run buddy." Rain walked to school with Alex every day since he was nine. It started when he woke up one morning and got ready for school and made his way out the door. A little way there he felt as though he was being followed so he looked over his shoulder to find a shiny whitish gold kitten trailing behind him, his over sized furry paws making tiny awkward steps. He ran back to return the kitten home. The kitten then found a way to follow him to school once more so he just gave up and let the determined kitten walk him to school. He didn't know what to do with him once he got home. But Rain just turned and began walking in the exact direction they had come from meowing over his shoulder.

They approached the school running as fast as they could. Rains lean body kept up easily with Alex; sometimes he even stepped in front of him daring Alex to race him. Alex laughed at his best friends antics before stopping at the front doors of the school.

"Alright Rain don't get into trouble." He leant down and scratched the cat behind his fluffy little ears. "See you after school." He pulled his bag up further on his shoulder.

"Merrow." Rain nodded his head before taking off toward their house for a well deserved cat nap.

Alex head into his first period wishing more than anything he could just go home with Rain and not go through another day of hell. He sighed and opened the door to his first class.

"Nice of you to join us Mr. Garfeild." His goblin of a teacher hissed.

"I over slept."A blush rose to his face. He hated being the focus of attention.

"Again? Really? Take your seat. I'll see you in detention after school."

Alex dropped his head sinking into his seat truly wishing he could just sink through the floor and dissipate. Class went fast and with little disturbances that was until the bell rang and he began to head to the door. He was met in the hallways by Jack and John the identical twin football playing douchtools of the school. They both had sleek black hair and bright green eyes they were stunning. If Alex didn't hate them so much he might spend his free time fantasizing about them. Yes Alex was gay, no nobody they just called him homo and faggot because they weren't very creative.

"Hey fag boy." See?

"Hey." He muttered.

"You were late so you didn't get out homework into us on time we got zeros…" John said angrily.

"I'm sorry I'll try to be on time tomorrow." Alex murmured cursing them in his head. He knew what was to come.

"Not good enough freak." Jack hissed taking his collar and pushing him into a wall and John punched him in the eye.

"Fuck!" Alex hissed sinking down to the floor and covering his eye.

"Maybe you'll remember to be on time nooow." John smirked.

"Where's our homework for Math." Alex tried not to cry as he dug into his bag for John and Jack's homework folder.

"Here." He said holding it up.

"Good, see you tomorrow pussy." Jack said as they walked on by him.

He knew he couldn't go to class with his eyes swelling up like this the teacher would want to call his parents, and his parents wouldn't give a shit, and it would start a whole bunch of other shit Alex didn't really want to go through. He could just not go to class. His parents wouldn't care. He grabbed his bag before making his way back out of the school. He started his long walk home.

Rain heard the door open and his ears perked. No one was supposed to be home for hours. Maybe it was an intruder! He jumped up and ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. The fur on his spine pushed up and he hissed until he saw that it was Alex. He let his fur lie flat but he cocked his head in confusion. Why was his master home so early? Alex had one hand held over his eye and tears were coming down the other. Rain jumped up onto the counter nudging Alex's shoulder in concern.

"Hey Rain." Alex let out a watery smile.

"Mew." Rain put his paws on Alex's shoulder leaning up to lick the tears on his cheek. Alex removed the other hand to scoop Rain up into his arms. Rain got a good look at Alex's eye and he felt fury run through his body. Those boys Alex told him about must have been hurting him again. Alex walked with Rain in his arms up to his room and put Rain on the bed and he turned around looking up at Alex with concern in his mercury eyes.

"I hate them Rain!" Alex said angrily. "I hate them all! I hate that place! Nobodies nice to me, even my parents hate me and the only person I have is you… And you're not even a person!" He sighed putting his face in his hands and crying. He cried for a good while before deciding he should take a shower and hope that the hot water would make him feel better.

"I'll be back in a bit Rain." He walked into the bathroom.

Rain felt so useless. He couldn't even make his master feel better anymore. Why did he have to be a cat!? He couldn't even tell Alex all the things he so desperately wanted too! He laid his hands down on his paws and sighed. If only I could be human… then I could help master. With that Rain fell into a light sleep.

AN/ Awww poor Alex and poor Rain buuut… I think things might just get better for them both next chapter ;)