The Princess in the Tower


The witch slipped quietly and unseen through the castle. Tonight was the night that she took her revenge. Her son had been killed by castle guards for using magic. So in return, she would take the most precious belonging of the King and Queen: their newborn daughter, the Princess Sarine. Earlier that day she had placed a curse on the tiny princess, saying that she would never be able to answer a question, the question that would allow her to marry, and that she would never be queen. And she would be sure of that by stealing the princess.

She crept into the princess's room. The baby princess had the beginnings of auburn hair and her eyes were dark. She would be quite beautiful when she grew up.

"Yes, tonight the curse will begin, as will my revenge on your parents," the witch snarled. "You will never be queen, you shall never marry, and you shall never know who you really are." The witch then picked the tiny princess up and left.