Chapter One

It all started when I craved the texture of smooth chocolate ice cream melting on my tongue. It was a Sunday night, and school started at seven twenty in the morning. I was always a night person. I looked over at my alarm clock. Its red numbers lit up announcing it was almost one a clock in the morning. I groaned, knowing that in the morning I would regret not going to bed at eight.

I brushed my blankets aside and watched my world tilt as I got up too fast. I staggered dizzy for a few seconds before I shook my head and caught my balance. I didn't bother with the lights and walked out of my room into the darkness. My whole family was fast asleep, and I didn't want to disturb them with the bright light that practically brought day into my house. I shuffled down the stairs tip-toeing. My house was very open, and the smallest sound always ended up echoing throughout the whole house.

Once I made it down stairs, I lightly padded over to the refrigerator. Light beamed into the kitchen from the small light bulb in the freezer. I left the door open as I pulled out the carton of chocolate ice cream. I allowed the small glow to be my source of light.

When I finished scooping the delicious chocolate ice cream into my bowl, I snapped the lid back on the carton and shut off my light source as I closed the freezer door. I stood still with my bowl in hand as I waited for my eyes to adjust to the dark. When I could see the faint outlines of the furniture I took this as a cue to be able to move on.

A shiver collected itself and was sent down my back. I hated that feeling. The one that screams why aren't you running? There is clearly a murderer about to stab you in the back! I rolled my eyes. I got that feeling every time I was alone in a dark house at night. I started to half walk half run up the stairs with fear striking out at me. I took the steps two at a time. I jumped over the last two steps. The chills ran down my back as I made it up to the landing. I let a sigh of relief through my lips and was just about to turn right into the hallway that led to my door. About to.

A cold hand wrapped around my mouth from behind me. Their fingers pressed into my checks. Without hesitating, I bit down on the hand. The hand didn't jerk back like it was supposed to; it pressed even harder against my lips. Warm blood trickled into my mouth. The metallic taste hit the back of my throat and almost made me gag. An arm from behind me wrapped around my waist and pushed me against their body. I tried to let out a scream, but with their hand in my mouth it was impossible. My hands let the ice cream bowl drop. I hoped it would cause some sort of noise. The arm around my waist disappeared, and placed itself back around my waist with the ice cream bowl now in their hands. I glued my feet onto the ground and tried struggling with all the strength I had. It wasn't enough.

My capturer started to drag me down the right hallway, into my room. With the hand in my mouth it was hard to make any sort of noise. I tried kicking at the wall, which only made it worse. The single arm that was wrapped around my waist disappeared. Seconds later, I was in my captures arms. Well arm I suppose, since their other hand was still in my mouth. I felt their muscles of their chest against my side. This was a man that held me in his grip. A super strong one. I was screwed.

I was set down when we got by my door, and his hand was still pressed against my mouth. His blood still dripped into my mouth. My stomach turned at the thought of his blood flowing down my throat. His head leaned down next to mine. Lips pressed against my ear.

"Make one move demonstrating protest," His breath was cold and the chills slithered down my body. "And you will not breathe again." For a few seconds we stayed like that. My heart slammed against my chest. We were both still, and his breath was cold as he breathed by my ear. His arm reached out to my door knob and twisted it open. We walked inside my room quietly, and he clicked the door shut quieter than I ever had. My room was dark. I was probably shaking. Fear had a death grip on me. It refused to let go.

"I am going to let you go. One mistake and your life will not be the only one gone from this household. Understand?" His whisper didn't falter. He was deathly serious. I nodded my head. His hands let go of me. I stumbled forward and pressed my back against the bed. I automatically started to spit the blood out of my mouth. Red liquid fell onto my bedroom floor. I glanced up furiously at the intruder.

"What the hell!" I yelled while whispering.

"You just had to drink my blood," he said glancing angrily at me. I just stared back at his shadow in my dark room. A tug of some sort pulled at me from the inside. It was one of the weirdest feelings I had ever experienced.

"A shame really," he continued. "You have involved yourself in a tragedy."

I just glanced at him with my mouth gapped open. His moonlit silver hair hung a little in front of his eyes. He was blending into the night wearing a black sweater and black sweat pants.

"You're a vampire!" I said with excitement. To my astonishment he didn't laugh. He just stared at me. His shadowed figure came forward quickly and grabbed my wrist hard. His hand was cold.

"How did you have knowledge of that?" His eyes darted around my room.

"I didn't." I smiled victoriously. My racing heart speed up.

"Oh." He stared blankly at me and let me go. His expression turned thoughtful.

"Look!" I whispered frantically pulling out Twilight. The book was my proof of his existence. Terrible proof really, but he found it amusing. His laugh was surprised, as if he couldn't believe he was laughing at the moment.

"You are very entertaining. It really is too bad that I have to kill you."

"No! You're not supposed to. See you're supposed to scare me, and then you will save me from yourself." He looked at me with a serious expression. "See? This is the moment you realized I'm too cool to kill." A smirk slowly slipped onto his face.

"Nope, this is the moment when I kill you." Shit.

"You're not gonna kill me." I put on my seriousness.

"Yes, I believe I am, little girl."

"I'm seventeen first of all, and why would you want to kill me?" I swallowed. This wasn't working at all. I needed to distract him by asking questions. I planned on using that as a strategy to get more time to think of an escape plan, but I became interested in his answer.

"You have my blood coursing through your veins. That means you can find me. The people looking for me can find me using you. And so it seems I have no other choice."

"Yes you do. If you're so BA you could get outta here and leave me alone, so what if they know where you were?" I blinked, and before I opened my eyes a hand was around my throat and pushing me against the wall next to my window. It just so happened my blinds were down. If I ever lived again, I was never closing my blinds. His beautiful face looked into mine with a smile.

"I should not risk it," he whispered gently into my ear. I tried to swallow. Well, of course I got to die by being attacked by a vampire; my life was too exciting for something like a car accident. That was sarcasm.

My lungs were starting to feel like they were about to crack. I wanted to tell him he might as well break my neck, it would have feel much better I thought, faster. My eyes stayed open, even as I felt my vision grow spotted. The look that he gave me was confused, and his hand that was taking away my air loosen. His icy blue eyes gazed at me with the curiosity of one who was trying to figure out how to fix a broken object. The hand on my throat loosened again. I got a little sip of air as his left hand came up and brushed the side of my cheek. He held his palm there. He tilted his head before the shattering sound cut through the moment. It sounded like a million diamonds were dropped. The sound echoed through the house. Somewhere in my house, a window broke.

His cold hand dropped from my neck fast, and he pulled me into the corner of my room. My older brother's room was right next to mine, and my younger brother's was right down the hall. My heart quickened at the thought of them getting hurt. I gulped in big breaths of air as I tried shoving him out of my way. I needed to get to my brothers, and where was my mom? He wouldn't move no matter how hard I frantically pushed against him.

"Move!" I screamed, only to get his hand slapped against my mouth again.

"Danger is out there." I tried to tear his hand from my mouth, but it wouldn't budge. My nails scratched at his skin. His eye brows drew together, and he started to loosen his hand.

"So is my family!" I protested.

"You will die. The ones that want me are here." His melodic voice had no influence on me.

"I don't care!" I tried to fight past him.

"No, I do not like this." His voice carried over to me in a small whisper. A figure blurred in front of me and scooped me up.

"Put me down, vampire!" My words were muffled when his hand flew over my mouth.

"Be quiet. Relax." Relax! Relax! My family is down there! That's what I wanted to shout, but it only came out as a bunch of nonsense against his cold hand.

His silver hair framed his face as he looked down at me and said one word that took away all of my power.

"Sleep." And I had no choice. So I did.

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