I'm sorry to let you guys hanging! But I am even more sorry to inform you that I am dumping this draft of the story.

I am just not satisfied with the style and atmosphere of the story as a whole. I started this a few years ago and I have not gotten very far since then. Perhaps the reason I am unable to motivate myself to finish it is because I am just not pleased with what I have. I feel like it has so much potential and could be a lot better.

So I am going to be rewriting it. I've already finished rewriting the first chapter. I'll be posting the new version of the story under a different title once I finish the first three chapters. I can't say how long that will take, but please keep checking back. Add me to your favorites or something so that you can be updated when I post the new story. After that, I will wait a week or two before taking down the first draft. This is just to make sure that everyone who was keeping up with the story will know what's going on.

The actually story is not going to be too different. The same characters will be showing up, as well as some new ones. The atmosphere of the story is going to be a lot darker than in the original draft. That is basically the biggest change.

I hope you all will enjoy the new version of the story!