Made: Monday, January 10, 2011

Time: 2:57p.m


Can you understand the scenario?
It goes as it shows:

Dark wall, hidden for a man
Too high to see that anyone can

He huddles inside, this all that he knows
No room to move on, no room to grow

The wall has no cover
And does not reach forever

Some stand out and pound
Some try to find a way around

But the man cannot hear
He's deaf in the ears

Sometimes he feels he's going insane
The wall turns translucent and he sees their pain

He tries to reach out, to give a call
He tries so hard, but never gives it his all

The wall fades to its deathly black
And the man closes his eyes on his back

He imagines a world that seems to exist
He imagines a life beyond the exit

Where the people are nice and he's not alone
Where he's found a place he can call home

But, alas, as he reaches out for the sky
He realizes this life is not for this guy

As he closes his eyes, ready to end
He hears a faint voice from one called a friend

Sitting up, he sees a figure above
The figure shouts something strange—about love

What this weird sense he suddenly felt
Struck a smack on his face that had left a welt

The wall down below began to crumble
But it would take more to make it rubble

The voice from above shouted again
"We're here for you, we are your friends!"

A friend was something he hardly recalled
Soon he remembered it was what made him fall

He grimaced and started to throw some rocks
Keep these 'friends' out at any cost

"You monster, you fiend," the lonely man cried,
"You are the reason I'm left here to die."

However, the person remained on the wall
Staring down sadly on both sides of it all

The person wanted to reach out and just pick him up
Show him how much better it was when he made the jump

But, alas, it was not meant to be
The person had to leave eventually

The man sulked in shadow, a frown on his face
Friends just a memory he'd like to replace

But the more he sat there and thought
The more the person had fought

Not too long after, the person inside did land
Strode up to the man and took his hand

With a wave of his hand, they saw through the shade
More people standing around the crack that they made

The person opened his ears to their cries
He soon realized that these weren't lies

These people were real and alive
He felt something inside

With one hesitant step forward and a slowly grown smile
The man stepped right through the pile

The wall shook and wavered and fell to the ground
The man stood in awe at all around

He turned to the person to thank him for this
But that person was gone, now a thing in his fist

Ignoring it now, he held the heart he did find
And walked away from the walls that took over his mind