So I watching a show and this annoying woman was talking about how their was no hope for Haiti and I was inspired to type this BC IF PEOPLE KEEP TALKING LIKE THIS THERE WILL BE NO HOPE FOR HUMANS LET ALONE HAITI

So I typed anther poem for Haiti last year ( I spent 2 weeks perfecting it, BC i want it be as inspirational and heartfelt as possible ) so I'll post that later

I do believe there is hope for Haiti

I have a dream of hope.

one that outstretches the descales waist-lands of ruble,

I believe that life can change,

it can become the miracle we all wanted.

taking its natural coarse,* (1)

rebounding finally for the better.

But the present is stopping this,

and the puzzle no longer fits,

because you cant change what has already been done.

all you can do is watch the earth tilt,

dreaming of a better life,

an ideal land that cannot exist,

and throughout the bloodshed we should have known that.

in the end every obstacle no mater how big must fall,

vanishing into the blackness.

and sometimes the innocent break,

falling into the darkness anyways,

slipping further and further,

into a hole as deep as the untamed oceans floors.

and nothing can be done,

because no matter what we do,

it will all be washed away by flooding tides of the sea.

day by day, everything will slip away,

as dreams fall into the past.

finally outstretching all hope,

for mankind.

*1(not sure bout that word coarse or course )