Yes this is the third attempt at one of these. But I feel like I can update at least once a week, so I feel its a good time to try again.

Hi. I'm Luke. I'm from Wales. That's just off the border of England.

I'm known for generally being an idiot, and attempting to make people laugh (sometimes I even succeed), like this one time when I was telling people about the time when I almost peed on a sheep (don't ask).

I quite like live comedy, and watch a lot of it, and attempt to come up with my own routines. Most of it doesn't work but I am keeping the good stuff together, so I can eventually use it.

Generally, I will be using this book of sorts to rant on about how my life sucks, blah blah blah, just what you'd expect. But I'll try to keep you entertained so keep reading weekly (possibly more), to find out about my many exploits that me and my trusty companion Dave (his name's Dan, and he's my mate), get up to.

The only thing which has baffled me today is my English teacher actually moving someone closer to the person they wanted them to stop talking to. Seriously? Yes.

AN: All I ask is that you continue to read when I put up a new part. I promise they will get better. Read my first one of these to get a taste for what I'm really like.

Luke out. 2000 + 11.