Nearly every year brings a Holocaust talk

This was wrong, it can't happen again

Our youth will make sure.

Talk talk talk all you want,

Write your essays in an exciting font.

Talking gets our job done, right?

As long as we discuss, things are good.

It won't happen again, things won't be as they were.

YOUR youth will make sure.

Those Jersey Shore fanatics, those future leaders

I know I'm comforted

Talk on, it fixes everything

Kids in Darfur feel better knowing they're discussed.

Why shouldn't they?

We're American, they're lucky for a passing glance!

We've bigger problems, DOW went down today,

Obama's extending the school year, no way!

Remember, just remember, only that.

We'll read Night under a dim light.

We'll watch a bloody movie, and remember.

It gets the job done. Talk on.

You're surely making a difference.