One day a fly hatches from it's cocoon and revels at the changes that have happened. Prior to it's transformation, it's just a maggot feeding off a dead rat that got poisoned and the body was never found in the basement, leaving an unbearable stench for weeks. By the time it's finally over, the rat carcass have already been covered with cocoons. One by one each of the fly emerges from it's cocoon and flies out to explore the mysterious new world that awaits them. Once the last fly emerges from it's cocoon, one came and said "Hey Patrick, what's taking you?"

"Shut up Harold, do you have any idea how long it took me to get out of this thing?" said Patrick

Yes those two flies can recognize each other, it's due to the fact that when they were maggots, Patrick was the last to hatch. Harold, being the bully he is would always get on Patrick's case and use him as a butt of jokes. The reason Harold have always been making fun of Patrick is that he himself was the next to last hatched on a decomposing rat carcass, as a result he was dangerously close to being the last one out. Happy that it wasn't the case, he decides to pick on the one unfortunate sap who did. Not only that, Patrick was also the last one to change into a cocoon as well.

After drying himself, Patrick went off to meet up with his other siblings whom they have already left the basement. Once he join the group, all turn their eyes on him and for a reason he didn't understand, his sibling would eventually turn away from him.

"Guys, did I do something wrong?" Patrick asked

"Yes you did, we have put up with your tardiness long enough!" one of the said

"Pat, you really need straighten up or you will become the first of us to die!" said the other

As soon as they leave Patrick alone, Harold came and said "You have always been a pathetic being and I'm grateful of that…loser!"

Then he flies off…

As hours goes by, the flies notice a sweet aroma filling up the kitchen. There they spots an open jar filled with a strange orange-yellow liquid. Whatever it is, that liquid must have been left on the table waiting to be consumed.

"This strange liquid smells…irresistible…" one of them drools

"Such sweet aroma," said another

"Let's dig in before that loser Patrick shows up, besides he's probably in the other room looking for us and got lost like an idiot he is!" said Harold

The swarm of flies proceeds to dive right into the jar to enjoy the strange liquid waiting just for them. Once they lands safely onto the liquid, the flies starts to enjoy the sweet thick liquid until they became satisfied. As they were ready to leave…something's wrong.

They are stuck to the liquid, no matter how hard they tried the swarm are unable to free themselves!

"What's going on?" one said

"We're stuck!" Harold yelled

Soon a giant came upon the jar with a lid and seals it shut. As soon as he does so, the giant grins and said "Get out of my house!"

They were then carried out into the yard where everything suddenly went dark. Moments later a light begins to flicker…and it's warm. But however as the light begins to grow, hotter it becomes and that's when the flies realize what will happen next.

"That giant…he's killing us!" one of the flies cries

"We're going to die!" other yelled

Soon one by one, the flies starts to burn and seeing this, Harold screams "It's burning them…and it's going to burn me…"

The remaining flies tries to free themselves but no matter what happened, the sticky liquid won't let them go. Soon the jar became even hotter and their cries were never heard.


"Where did they go?" said Patrick, wondering where his sibling went