Title: The Bloody Doctor

Genre: Horror


White light blinded my eyes; I quickly shut them and blinked a few times before my eyes finally adjusted the brightness.

My body felt stiff, as if I had been lying in this position for years.

Completely curious as to what else was in the room besides the white ceiling I slowly pushed myself up the room was perfectly white.

Everything from the tiles on the floor to the curtains blowing in the gentle breeze of a slightly opened window.

I had never felt so confused before I didn't even recall being in the hospital. Shaking off my confusion I shifted and let my bare feet touch the cold tile floor.

The cold sent shivers up my spine I slowly stood up and looked around the room I first walked over to a mirror which showed me a young girl about 16 or 17, pale like a ghost , dark bags under dull blue eyes. Long dark brown hair slightly matted that ran down to my to her back.

When I brought my hand up to touch the reflection so did she.

"I. look…" I couldn't explain it but this all felt so surreal. I looked around again my eyes landed on a large door was between me and what I could only guess was freedom.

I padded over to the door and glanced out the little window, I could see nothing through it there seemed to be a red haze on the window.

My hand tentatively reached the handle and opened the door the entire hallway was covered in crimson liquid.

Some in puddles on the floor, the walls were splattered with it and even the ceiling dripped the red liquid.

Taking a quick glance down the hallway I realized that the entire hallway was covered in the red liquid. I was in shock I stood there looking at the gory mess it chilled me to the bone that someone cloud do this.

The sound of faint foot steps sloshing through the puddles of blood brought me back to reality. Fearing for my life I quickly retreaded back into my sanctuary with white walls and hid behind my white bed

A tall man with a white coat entered with a smirk "Angela I know your here, I saved you for last my darling" I shrieked when I was suddenly grabbed by the arm and ripped from out behind the bed.

The man's face was streaked with blood and he held a scalpel in his other hand.

"D-D-Doctor Matthews?" I didn't exactly know how I knew his name I just did he game me a smirk then shoved me down onto the bed and quickly strapped my legs and wrists down I shrieked in terror and screamed as loud as I could until my throat was numb and the only sound I could make was a horse whisper.

"Angela keep screaming no one will hear you" he said showing me his twisted smile.

Tears streamed out of my eyes as doctor Matthews gently ran the scalpel across my neck.

"because my dear you are my favorite patient ill make this quick" I only cried harder her brought the scalpel up and slashed my throat I tried to breath, it hurt all I could here was the gurgling sound of the blood steadily flowing out of my slashed throat the doctor smiled and continued slashing other parts of my body before everything went black.

I shot up out of bed screaming, doctors and nurses alike flowed into the room through my open door

"Angela are you okay?!" a young nurse said grabbing my hand I looked around disoriented.

"It was all a dream…" I whispered in disbelief it had felt so real I took a deep breath thinking everything was alright I had escaped my nightmare and was alright suddenly before I could think about it the nurses held me down I started to panic and my worst nightmare glided into the room doctor Matthew walked towards me scalpel in had along with that evil grin.

"Goodbye Angela"

I screamed out before he slit my throat.