Chapter 9 - The Day's End

After a long day searching for his class, although he should be teaching, if his class was there, otherwise there would be no story, Mr. Whitten found no other clues. Not ONE, and went back to the library, even after many searches. His find there was startling. There at the tables was the class.

"OK, what's going on?" asked Mr. Whitten.

" We were just going to ask you that!" replied Kenia. "What's the problem? Is everyone OK?"

"You guys are, but where's the kidnapper your notes said about?" asked Mr. Whitten.

"Kidnapper?! What kidnapper?" Christian asked.

"So this was all a prank?" asked Mr. Whitten.

"Yup," said Guy.

A few minutes later, everyone was back in the classroom, ready for dismissal. Everyone got home safely, with no kidnappings, or it would have to be in the newspaper or on the news, and that would be another story. No prank.