I think - I'm not sure - but I think you'd agree
that something has changed since we first met.
It might just be small, but I can feel
its effects in every word, every laugh. We don't let
it rise to the surface - or I don't - it might just be me;
I've no proof that you feel it too. And yet,
in your words, your laugh - that change - I see
it in us both. A small change that I can't forget,
and it bothers me. Should I set it free?
Point it out? Or should it all be kept
as it is? Both paths could help us be
better people - but both could lead to regret.

It's dark in here, but when I turn on the light
will there be an angel, to love and to care,
or a monster, to growl and to bite,
or - worst of all - only me there.