Little lost pony,

So far from home,

Out by the loch,

Are you alone?

Little lost pony,

Looking so sweet,

Seaweed in her main,

Water pooled by her feet.

Child in the field,

Out all alone

By the loch,

When he should be at home,

Sees the pony,

Thinks she looks sweet,

Doesn't notice the seaweed,

Or water at her feet.

Silly little child,

He climbs on her back,

Though she has no master,

And she wears no tack,

Sweet little pony,

She begins to run,

Silly little child,

He thinks it's just fun.

Stuck to her back,

The child is trapped,

He doesn't even know,

Until around him seaweed wraps.

Sweet, innocent little pony,

She jumps in the lake,

Into the water's depths,

Where the child will never wake,

Sweet little kelpie,

She wanted a snack,

And a silly little child

Just went and climbed onto her back.