Summer's Love

The moon's light shine through the window illuminating the room. The clock ticked past midnight yet Sara was still awake. She couldn't stop staring at the shimmering mineral on her left hand. All day it had distracted her from her work. All day it kept running through her mind and now its keeping her from sleeping. She lay there on her bed next to the man who caused all of this to happen. She looked at him, he was deeply asleep, before looking back at her hand. Summer memories flooded her mind. Memories of her teenage summer romance. Memories of her one true love.

They were both walking down the sidewalk, coming home from school. Sara was angry but he didn't know that. She wanted it to stay that way but it couldn't. One little suggestion was enough to tick her off and after a little argument she stormed off ahead of him. Instead of letting her go and leaving her to blow off some steam, he ran after her. "What's wrong baby?" He asked as he came up behind and hugged her. "Nothing," she mumbled stubbornly. "Uh huh, what's wrong??" He asked again. "Nothing," She whined. "Just leave me alone." "No," he said while she struggled to break his embrace. "Not until you tell me what is wrong." When he didn't let go she just sighed. "I hate this day," she turned towards him and hugged him as she spilled everything that happened. They stood there in the middle of the street, her head buried on his chest as he cradled her with his arms. He ran her fingers through her hair as she looked up with a bit of guilt. "I am sorry for taking out my anger on you." "It's alright. I don't mind," He smiled. He pulled her closer and kissed her on the forehead. "I love you Hunny."

She smiled at that one particular memory. That day she realized that that boy truly cared for her. The way he had comforted her was something no other boy had done for her. It was the first but certainly was not the last. Each time something happened he was always there for her, always by her side. She knows how much she loved him and she knows that she still does. She faced the sleeping man laying next to her. She grazed her hand slightly on his face and his eyes fluttered before opening. "Hey, still awake?" He asked as he pulled her closer to him. "Yea I couldn't sleep. I couldn't stop thinking." He laughed a little. "You think too much but what were you thinking about?" "About this teenage boy comforting a teenage me after going through a hell of a day while walking home one day." "Wow that must have been some guy." "He really is," she grinned while playing with his hair. He smiled "I love you Hunny." She smiled at his special nickname for her. "I love you too."

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