Hey, this is the first story i've put on fictionpress, so sorry if the story sucks. Anyway, this is a slash, meaning guy on guy, and if you don't like it, just check oout my other stories.

I wake up, drenched in sweat. My breath is coming out ragged as I remember my dream. Hot, ragged breath, warm, soft lips all over my skin… I look at the clock, which reads 6:30 am. Damn! I quickly jump into the shower, a cold one. Just thinking about my dream brings Jordan to my mind. I smile. Who's Jordan? Well, he is the coolest person in the whole world. He's smart funny and Is my best friend. He's also the guy who I have been crushing on for the past four years of my life. It also doesn't help that we are both on the soccer team, and have to see him strip on a daily basis.

I step out of the shower and into my room, attempting to put a towel around my waist. I hear a chuckle and look up, surprised. I accidently drop my towel as I see Jordan on my bed.

"Whoa, there Mikey! No need for a full frontal show, I've got my own junk to flaunt." He exclaims. I quickly grab my towel and adjust it back on my hips before he sees the boner that's growing. Today he's wearing a pair of dark fit skinnies with my favorite 'if you can read this you're too close' T-shirt that fits him in every possible good way. He looks so good.

"Jordan, did you not hear me in the shower?" I ask, trying to sound annoyed and stop the blush I know is forming.

"Oh, I heard you, I just thought you would've been dressed." He answers with a shrug.

"Oh, and the clothes you're laying on didn't tip you off?" He looks at the clothes he's laying on with a dumfounded look. I sigh. He can be dense like that.

"Come on; leave so I can get dressed." He stands up to leave, but not before saying, "Just hurry up will ya? We have to leave in 15 minutes, and you take forever to get ready." Yeah, because I'm trying to look good for you. I think bitterly as he closes the door. I sigh. I've known I was Bi since eighth grade. I've always liked girls, but one day after school, Jordan and I were wrestling. I was straddling his hips, both of us breathing hard, when I looked up and saw his face. He was all out of breath, his lips very pink and open just a bit. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes were half lidded, as if daring me to do something. I flushed before hastily getting up and acting as if nothing happened. Nothing did.

I go downstairs into my kitchen to see Jordan leaning against the counter, wolfing down a bowl of cereal. Now, if you've ever seen Jordan, it's a funny sight. He's built, but not disgustingly so, with a naturally tan body and eyes that'll turn from green to hazel to brown. His light brown hair is cut short and is naturally wavy, crusading down his neck.

"Jordan, don't you ever go home?" I joke. He's always here; I was surprised hen he went home last night. It was for the better though. Lately it's been getting harder to control myself.

"Aww, you know you love me." He jokes, washing out his bowl and heading towards my car.

"You have no idea." I mutter as I start the engine.

Today is the first day of junior year, so I'm dreading having to sit there and go through school procedure and shit we have known since freshman year. We walk into the office to pick up our schedules. I hold back a grin and force a scowl on my face as I see his over his shoulder.

"Aww, man. We have almost every class together. Now I have to see you all day in school as well as out. "We both know I'm just playing, so he just punches me as we go into homeroom and pick out seats in the back.

"I heard there's a new teacher." Is his reply. "I hope it's a hot one."

"Hot male or female?" I ask, trying to mess with his head, but also wanting to know the answer.

"Female, dude. Would I do it any other way?" He gives me a confused look before I lean back and close my eyes. I shrug at him and start humming a silly theme song as I drift to sleep…

"Mr. Avery, I would appreciate it very much if you didn't get sent to the nurse on my first day here." A light, but pleasant male voice said to me. I open my eyes and my chair drops immediately. Around the same time my mouth drops and forms and "O" shape, and my eyes bug out. The only people who notice this is Jordan and my new teacher, who just so happens to be my ex boyfriend.

Fuck that, my life better not be a sick attempt at a cliché.

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