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At school, everyone was looking at us. It was annoying, really, though I think they were just going through shock. Our school isn't exactly big, but bullying is not that big of an issue here. After a few minutes, most just continued on with their lives. Some, however, did not.

"I cannot believe you guys are dating!" Cammy exclaims. "That's so…surreal! And disgusting. I mean, I'm trying to wrap my head around this, but I just can't get over the fact that you two suck-"

"Cammy!" Mikey interrupts. "Really not in the mood today. Go bug someone else." I send him a concerned look.

"Are you okay? You've been off all morning." I ask. I wrap an arm around his shoulder, and steer us toward Calculus. He sighs and rubs his forehead.

"Yeah, I don't know. I've just been feeling…crappy."

"Ah, well that is expected knowing we have to suffer the mysterious formulas and calculations of Calc first thing in the morning. But hey," I swing him around so he faces me. "After school I'll give you a massage, okay? Maybe even go into the hot tub?" I wiggle my eyebrows, and he laughs, a small one, but he laughs.

"Fine." He says once we reach the classroom. I smile at my small victory and head off to my seat. This is one of the few classes where we don't sit by each other. I stare at him from across the room anyway, ignoring the droning teacher. His voice can make an insomniac go to sleep. Mikey turns to face me, finally, after 15 minutes of me staring at his face. He crosses his eyes and makes a weird face, so I quickly grab my phone and take a quick picture.

"Jordan," my teacher monotonously says, "all phones are to be off and left in the lockers." I roll my eyes.

"Sorry, look," I quickly send the picture to Mikey, and turn it off, placing it back in my pocket. "out of sight, out of mind, right?" The teacher ignores me and continues teaching. I know I should be taking notes, but I decide I can just get them off his website. Ah, the advantages of technology.

The rest of the day I spend trying to cheer Mikey up. For some unknown reason, he's just down. He's cheered up considerably since I mentioned the hot tub, but still nowhere near his normal self. It's quiet in the car on our way home after practice, so I put on his favorite radio station.

Once we finally reach my driveway, I don't hesitate to park and jump out, and neither does he. My mom isn't home, so we quickly change and I turn the hot tub on. I sit on the edge and pat the stairs underneath my feet.

"Come sit." He grabs the oil and promptly sits down in between my legs. I grab the oil, slathering a bunch on my hand and start on his shoulders, working his pressure points. He starts humming softly, and I can feel the vibrations through his skin.

"Mhnn, fuck, Jordan, you're really good with your hands." He stands up and lies down on the massage table my mom bought (like seriously? How convenient is that?). So I follow, continuing with my hands down his back. I try desperately to ignore the little noises coming from his mouth that are more encouraging than they should be. I focus on my hands, not his smooth skin, figuring out where they're needed next. Next thing I know, he's flipped over on his back, and my hands are on his stomach. Fuck.

"Jordan, continue." He whispers. I know, just know, that he did that on purpose. "Come on, you wanted to cheer me up, right?" I swallow my mouth suddenly dry. I nod awkwardly and continue rubbing oil on his abs, and up his hard chest. "No, Jordan, not there," He grabs my hands lightly, and brings them right above his shorts. "here."My heart beats faster and faster, as I notice what exactly is going on in those shorts, and the room turns blazing hot.

"I-I really don't like how this oil feels on my hands. Let's get in the hot tub." I suggest, pulling my hands away. I really don't want him to see the little issue I have in my own shorts, and proceed to practically throw myself in the water. It takes a few more seconds before he follows, and sits all the way on the opposite end, hair covering his face and scowling at the water. I open my mouth a few times to say something, but nothing comes out. I royally screwed up by getting nervous. I mean, how could I not? This is a first for us. So since my brain is not working at the sight of Mikey all hot and bothered in my hot tub, I lean over and press my lips against his, and bring his body over to sit in my lap, forcing both of our erections together. He doesn't respond at first, probably surprised by my hot and cold attitude, but moans into my mouth, grinding his hips into mine.

I make my way onto his neck, and slowly slide my hand down his shorts, grabbing him. He gasps into my ear, making me shiver. His hands grab onto my hair, pulling my mouth back up to his as I start to stroke him. He buries his face into my neck. His breathy moans tickle, and the hot air sends shivers down my spine as I speed up my pace, making him reach his climax in a matter of minutes.

I kiss him fiercely, for once not thinking about what I'm doing, and wrap my arms around his waist, pulling him completely towards me, until there's no space left between us.

"Jordan, what about you?" he slides a hand down my chest, lightly teasing me.

"I-I, you don't have to, I mean-" He promptly shuts me up by shoving his hand down my shorts and wasting no time in pumping me.

"Mi-Mikey, fuck!" I moan out. He chuckles slightly into my neck before standing up.

"I think I'm going to take a shower." He stretches, his shorts falling dangerously low, and shoots me a grin, his blue eyes finally conveying happiness. "Do you want to join me?" Mikey and me in the shower? Does he even have to ask?

Afterwards, we're spread out on my bed. Not in a good way, either, since instead of clothes, books and worksheets are strewn about. I'm currently helping Mikey figure out a thesis for his English paper.

"Seriously? My opinion on The Scarlett Letter is that I don't give two fucks about it!" he rants. He does so much better with analytical questions. "I hate when I have to explain my opinion on these summer reading books. I only read it because I was forced to. I really don't care enough to have an honest opinion on it." He throws the book on the floor, as well as his rough draft, and turns on my TV.

"Come on, you know you can do this in two hours tops and get an A." I respond. I crawl over to him, and rest my head in his lap. We didn't have sex, in case you were wondering, but close enough. I like him enough to finally get past the part that he's a boy, and just enjoy the moment without going too far. We did only start dating.

"Isn't it kind of weird has society has changed?" he asks, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"What do you mean?" He continues to stare at the TV, though I know for a fact that he's not really watching the program. It's kind of creepy actually, how he can appear to be doing one thing, but in reality he's on another plant. Scary, but kind of hot. I kind of wish I could do that, maybe then I wouldn't get so many detentions…

"I mean with how children used to drop out of school and work because they needed to help support their family. People fought for child labor to stop and for us to be able to go to school. Now it's the opposite. Everyone would rather forget about school and get a job to earn some extra money." He sighs and turns the television off, grabbing his things from the floor.

"It kind of makes me feel bad for wishing we didn't have school." I say. He nods and continues to try and write his paper. I'm trying to figure out why he's so sad today.

"Is there anything you want to talk about?" he shakes his head.

"I should probably go, though. Mom and dad are working a case, so they're not home. I should check up on Cole." I reluctantly agree and walk him to my door.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" With a nod and a quick kiss, he's in his car, driving away. I shake my head and turn around to see my mom standing behind me. Shit.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Her big brown eyes search my face as she asks this question. There's no way she did not see that kiss.

"Mom, I know you saw." She shakes her head and goes into the kitchen, taking food out of the freezer.

"Saw what, sweetie?" This act of innocence is really pissing me off. I sigh and decide that now is not the time to deal with this.

"Mikey's been upset all day, and I don't know what to do." I say. I don't think she's ready to accept us just yet. So I mention how he woke up this morning pissed at the world and his strange behavior, hoping she could do her magic and say something that will give me a brilliant idea to solve this issue once and for all. But instead she did something she's never done before.

"Forget about him, sweetie." She violently dumps leftovers into the garbage and grabs a sponge to start cleaning the dishes. "If he won't tell you what's wrong, move on and find a new friend. No need to dwell on his problems." I look at her in confusion. Is she saying what I think she is?

"Thanks mom, but I think I'll keep trying." I leave her in the kitchen viciously scrubbing a plate, and bound upstairs to my room. I throw my entire body onto my bed and breathe in Mikey's scent. I roll over and think. Is that my mom's answer to us being together? Or is it something else?

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