A/N My Office Word has collected cobwebs


he who spews lemon laughs
and blinks sequined eyes
leaving a trail of gold and glimmer
just for you to follow behind

and all you want is to read
the angles he rocks
back and forth
forth and back
so he says "strange"
and you say "memorable"

let's throw all silliness aside
hands graze and
finger tips smear
but never ever brush
(let alone paint)

so measure his math!
tilting chins, flailing limbs
break him down with vigour and vim

swallow stars and
hope honey flecks
will cling and gleam
to cause his beck

always him and you
never him and you

though him and you sustain
a spot among the dream train
and leave a careless embrace
so you could care less
for his frivolous grace

he whose voice rasps like smoke
and blinks slither-snake eyes
when you leave a trail of ash and dust
just for him to holler behind