Attention everyone: contrary to popular belief, the world is NOT your oyster. You are NOT entitled to everyone in the world living their lives on your terms. That will NOT be all.

Now that I got that out of my system, let me say, it is just sickening how close-minded the general public is. So shallow and over-privileged that they feel the need to hop into other people's business and preach about how they should follow their rules just because they don't like what those people do with their lives, or because they refuse to believe what they can't see.

Now, if you're concerned for mistreated people and have a habit of playing the hero, then it's understandable. If the people in question are in your house, and you have certain rules, it's understandable. Otherwise, launch yourself into space and find your own sugar-coated planet if you don't like the way this world works. If people have to put up with your bigotry, then be prepared to deal with the rules of the real world.