Be grateful for what you have,

Instead of sulking over what you don't.

Being happy will serve the purpose

Of life, being depressed and crying won't.

I'm grateful for the sun that shines,

And the moon's soothing fluorescent light.

I'm grateful for the day that smiles,

And the mysterious charming night.

I'm grateful for the power of thinking,

Instead of being just blood and bone.

I'm grateful for my loving family,

That I don't have to live all alone.

I'm grateful for the friends I have,

And for the clever and challenging foes.

I'm grateful for every person I ever knew.

I'm grateful for the way my life goes.

I'm grateful for having a normal life,

With no illness that can claim me.

I'm grateful for God's blessings,

And for being where God wants me to be.

I'm grateful that I can close my eyes

And sleep through the nights peacefully.

I'm grateful for a roof over my head,

For a world that chirps happily.

I'm grateful for the sweet smile on my face,

I'm grateful for the strength in a troublesome day.

I'm, grateful to have a good aim,

I'm grateful for choosing the right way.

I'm grateful that I know

This life is not a competition.

I'll compare my life with others-

I'm grateful for this decision.

I'm grateful I laugh for silly reasons,

And cry for things simple and innocent.

I'm grateful for the power to speak,

For the words that allow me to be coherent.

I'm grateful that I know life is precious,

That I'll never even think of suicide.

I'm grateful that I keep going no matter what,

I'm grateful for every struggle in every stride.

I'm grateful that I don't want to win every time,

That I'm strong enough to face defeat.

I'm grateful for the storm that makes me stronger,

I'm grateful that I can live through it.

I'm grateful for these eyes of mine

That have given me the wonderful gift of sight.

I'm grateful for the sweet fragrance of flowers,

For the taste buds that can relish every bite.

I'm grateful to you God, for every single thing I have,

My life is your canvas; you colored it with paint dabs.

I'm grateful for my faith in you.

I'm grateful for everything that you make me do.

A/N: Thank you God :) This one was to prove that I'm not always complaining to you :P