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I'm Mia and I never knew I would be sent to an interesting school like this. I got an awesome choker that could change its image to fit what I was wearing, but also change my form in to a person I really liked or respected. I just got here and already made three…make that four friends. I never thought I would have such fun in a school full of kids who acted hateful. Not that it was any different from the last schools I went to.

Unfortunately I didn't have the choker on my first day. So I couldn't get food or a room I could use if I desired to or do other activities like swimming or games, but again I didn't have the choker then. Then Miss Yuki came and saved me for lunch but couldn't help me with rooms. I got lucky and three awesome kids saved me on the room part. Rain, Loki, and Lynn were really nice in letting me stay the night with them. Well I should say Rain since it was her room. The awesome thing is all of this was done during lunch. I had Rain's Room number and all I had to do was say the 'secret password' once I get there.

"Super stinky onions." I said trying not to laugh at saying some thing so random.

"You may enter." Rain said with Loki and Lynn laughing.

"Hi guys, Thanks for the help." I said with a smile.

"No problem. It happens every year." Rain answered.

"But isn't this your first year here?" I asked tilting my head like a dog would.

"Yeah but I have an older sibling that went here at one point in time.

"Oh." I replied back feeling stupid.

"Now kiddies lights out." Rain said as Loki found a spot to sleep.

"Why now?" Lynn asked as I mimicked what Loki had done and found a nice comfy spot in a corner.

"Because there are rules and this room have some, one of them is lights out at eight." Rain said standing near the light switch.

Then Lynn got in to a spot so she didn't have to clamor around looking for one in the dark.

After an hour or so I drifted off in to dream land.

I woke up with a good start. Got food again thanks to Miss Yuki and headed off to the office to get the "badge" I'd need to access other stuff. (God forbid they don't just give it to us the second we walk in the door.) I found that there were a few tests I'd have to take in order to get it…and I was not happy with it. I mean really an alligator…I have to walk across lily pad hoping I don't fall off of them so the alligator doesn't eat me. Then I have to sing a song for a 'mermaid'. (Or some dummy in a mermaid suit.)

After a half and hour of taking a bunch of observed tests I finally got to get my 'badge'. I was given a card and a weird peace of heavy metal that was in the shape of a round ball. The round ball then started to faintly glow a light purple and float. Then it turned in to a ribbon and put it's self around my neck.

"Hmmm a choker…well what ever it's not like any thing it change in to will 'help' how you look." Said the person who had given me the card and 'choker'.

"Thank you." I replied turning way.

"Wait. You must notice that there are some 'buttons' on that choker. IF you press one you will be come some one else. The object of this is that in this school teachers will take favor and those teacher may not be able to change you grade because they feel like it but they are the once who well let you in to events and activities. The only way to get to them is be favored by a teacher or trick them with what you got. It would be smart not to let any one see you change form." The person said warning me.

Yes, you could say I have no fashion since what so ever so at one point in time I stopped caring and started to wear what I feel is comfortable and a pair of baggy jeans (for guys), knee high socks (rainbow pair), black zip up boots, a black shirt (that is obviously too big for me), and a white zip up hoodie is what I find comfy. (Though some times I do like wearing 'nice things', but that is only when I'm in the mood for it.)

I decided to head to my room that I got that came with getting the choker and card, but I was stopped by an elderly lady who seem to have gotten out of the wrong side of bed and if this was some kind of supernatural move she would probably be a witch or some thing of the sort.

"Young one what room do you have?" she asked in her scratchy tone.

"Um…let me check real quick so I don't get it wrong…" I said getting out the card and looking, "…room 123"

"Ah this way." She said walking the direction I was headed in the first place.

"Okay." I said following her and wondering if she knew something I didn't.

Once we made it to a door with a scratched up dented door with and big metal 123 hanging upside down. She opened the door for me and I looked in side to see that the room was a wreck.

The bed was destroyed the wallpaper was falling off the walls and the closet doors were missing. The window was missing and the curtains were ripped up. The floor had holes and there were a lot of bugs (not a problem) in the room with a lot of spiders hanging on their webs. (Is a problem.)

Then the old lady said some thing I didn't understand. (Like she was speaking a different language.) And the room was instantly fixed up.

The room was now much nicer. The bed was nice and big with a lot of nice fluffy pillows and nice soft blankets. (Yay!) The room was painted black and the window seemed to be there but the currants were closed. The closet had its doors and the floor now had a night blue carpet.

"This should suit your taste." Said the old lady turning to walk a way.

"Wait…how? Who are you?" I asked trying not to asked a million questions at once.

"Just call me Fluffy." She said walking away.

"F…Fluffy?" I breathed out to myself.

At this moment I just put my stuff down and headed to my class. (Because the bell had rang telling me to get to class.)

I spent all of my class periods just sitting there only talking when told to and thinking of what had just happened. The classes really didn't matter much. All it was, was introduction. Then; after getting lunch and hanging out with Miss Yuki (unfortunately I didn't have her.), Rain, Loki, and Lynn; I went to my room. I flopped on to my bed after throwing my stuff down beside the bed. All that was on my mind was Fluffy and what she had done…and why she was called Fluffy…it's not like she was a dog.

Then there was a knocking on my door. So I got up and answered the door. There she was the only person on my mind. Fluffy.

"Hi…"I said be for Fluffy cut me off.

"I'm here to make sure you know how to use that collar of yours." She said walking in my room and shutting the door.

"Um…Can I ask you a question?" I asked.

"You just did and no. Listen I want you to think of the kind of person you want to be and press the gem on you collar." Fluffy continued.

"Okay." I said putting my fingers on the gem.

Then I notice that my hair had changed color and that the ground looked like it had gotten closer.

"Now who are you suppose to be?" Fluffy asked.

I turned and looked in to a mirror that had appeared on my wall.

I now was a short blond boy with beautiful purple eyes.

"Oh holy crap…I'm some one else!!!!!" I shouted slightly out of excitement while at the same time panicked.

"So your a boy now?" The old lady said.

"I don't know…" I said then decided to 'check' what gender I really was at the moment.

Then in dismay said "I'm a boy!!!!!!"

"What's so bad about that?" Fluffy asked, "This could be a good thing."

"Good! How can this be good!? I mean what am I going to do!!! I'm a boy now!!!!" I said panicking even more.

"Oh stop your whimpering you dumb pup." Said Fluffy Pressing the Emerald green gem that was embedded in the choker.

Then I changed back into myself.

"I'M A GIRL AGAIN!!!!" I shouted in relief and hugged fluffy. IF I weren't in shock from being changed in to a boy back to a girl I would have questioned what Fluffy had said.

"Any way once you have taken this form you can then have access to the abilities you only wish you could have. Also you should be careful. If you stay in this form too long or change in to it too often you may end up loosing your self." Fluffy said.

"Um…okay." I said trying to take in every thing.

"Any questions?" Fluffy asked.

"Yes, Why are you called Fluffy?" I asked.

"I'll show you why." The old lady said changing in to a dog in front of me.

"Okay…I now know I need to be careful with what I say…so um how do you do the magic thing…you a magic dog or something?" I replied.

"Yes I'm a dog with very strong magic." Said Fluffy who was now an old dog, "Any thing else?"

"Your so cute…can I hug you?" I asked.

"Yes…but gently. Or I'll bite." Fluffy said with a wagging tail.

"Yay!" I said hugging Fluffy. "Your soooo cute!!!"