You are the war that comes after a depression.

Money is short in the recession.

But relief finally comes, and all is well.

Laughing with chums and dancing to bells.

From the highest of highs, there is one way to go.

From the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows.

The first bomb falls, and all go silent,

Waiting to see the next act of violence.

Instead of troops, we send writers

In response to that, you send air fighters.

Still unsure of what we did wrong,

We continue to sing our song.

It seems you got bored, and left us be,

But the hate should have been plain to see.

And all in one day

You send bombs and guns and nuclear warfare.

The citizens here are all quite scared.

You aren't terrorizing the government just,

But the people of this place, and so much!

We're in great distress, but we'll keep it together

And we won't fight back, not now, not ever.

There's one thing, though, that I don't quite get.

Why do you hate me?