Pre-Apocalyptic Secret

Author's Note: Alright, this isn't my first FP story, but it is a first in another way.

Today's Month/ Today's Date/ Today's Year

This is a diary of my feelings before the secrets are known. You should close this and leave. It is way too personal, but when has that stopped you. Any of you.

Where to start, where to start, there is no beginning, you see. Somewhere on a cold winter morning, the murky truth decided to appear. I was always good at hiding the secrets, but this one day, I dropped a veil like a maiden drops her glove for the knight to fetch and return. I dropped a hint and you, well, you returned it.

Secret # 1

In high school I liked this boy, Dan. He was nice to me. I sat next to him in math class. He always wore the same outfit, just different colors. Khakis with a round neck colored t-shirt and an oxford shirt over it, buttoned up (but you could see the collar of the colored t-shirt under neath) and tucked in. He was very beige and blue, and sneakers. One day, I was going to ask him out and he told me he wanted to ask me something. We met at lunch and sat together, no big deal, we've eaten at the same table before and we were not alone, there was never enough room for all the students to sit. We talked about everyday discussions and then when we were leaving he asked to walk with me. He then asked where my friend Lisa was that day. I told him that I had not seen her all day. He then asked me to keep a secret, he was going to ask her out.

P.S. She said no. When I asked her about it some time later, she laughed as if we were sharing a secret joke. She said something like, can you believe he asked me? Oh, he is no Steve, huh? That was the boy she liked. I laughed with her. I asked Dan to a dance, but he turned me down.

Secret #2

I was in this geeky summer program and there was this really cute guy in my class. We talked sometimes and then more times. I asked him to the movies, but he said no, he was really polite about it, but he said no.

Secret #3

On the first day I went to college I met this magazine model. No, a real person, not a mannequin. We met outside the library. He came up to me. We had the same eyeglasses! There were unisex style. We laughed about it, they were so fashionable. I thought he was so cool and so good looking. We went to the library tour together and then he asked if I wanted to eat dinner at the caf with him. I said yes. We ate dinner and I was in heaven. A few days later we ran into each other. We didn't have a single class together. I asked him out and he told me a secret. He was gay, figures, doesn't it. We stayed friends and he took me along for some wild adventures like the time he couldn't keep his pet mouse , so we took the bus into town and returned it at the local Walmart. We brought it in his pocket and then went to the pet aisle. Then he slid open the top and dropped the little fellow in. We said our good byes and good luck. He hoped it would go to a good home. I thought it was going to become snake chow. I didn't say anything. We'll never know.

I'm just warming know this can't be the good stuff. :P Like the fact that on my first grown up date, stood him up because I really wanted to have sex with him and I got my period and I didn't know what to do. Still don't. (Still not the real good stuff)