Look, I'm not perfect

I definitely don't pretend to be,

But know this, I'm all me.

I don't hide my emotions,

In fact, I wear them on my sleeve,

So you'll always know if I'm happy, sad, pissed or peeved

I stumble around in life,

I'm not a graceful girl,

But I trip, fall and get back up

Because those who


are lost in it all

Maybe I have no rhythm,

No regular meter or rhyme

But I beat to my own drum

And that is for which I strive

My life is my own melody,

One which I hum all day,

And those who try to change me,

Will go down in flames

Try to find a rhythm in this poem,

I dare you, I challenge,

But I wrote this poem like life itself,

a free verse, my own

Life is what you make it,

That's all it will ever be,

So keep moving forward,

But don't forget the past

And make life your own