I will wake up with fear

not knowing if you're willing to forgive

and yet that's what you're going to do

I will feel you in my dreams

even if you're not really with me

but I'll be happy as long as I keep thinking on you


I keep asking if I deserve all you give me

If I'm worthy of what you make me feel

and yet you never doubt at all

I know that what you say it's true and real

and that I need to start to believe

that's how love works


You will smile me as every other day

as that moment I found you in my way

please forgive this naive fool

Yes I cried in my bed

and I know you did the same

because my pain is your pain too


If I'm in need you'll be there

that's a lesson I need to learn

because that's what your heart is made of

nothing but the will to stay

even if I hurt you again

because that's when I need you the most


Yeah, that's how love works...


NOTE: To my dearest one...sorry for hurting you, but I know it will hurt us even more been apart from each other

Ciaovederci XD