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"Seann, I know that someday, you'll be a famous musician. You'll make me so proud." My father's deep voice kept echoing in my head. The memories were still very clear, playing in my mind: the playground, my mom wearing a navy blue dress, and my sister laughing, the picnic basket filled with food, the light blue sky stretched wide above us, the clouds which were shaped like all sorts of things, and my father's warm smile.

Here's the deal: my dad used to be a part of a band when he was my age, 17. But he never made it big time. Well, his band did, but he had to leave them.

His father, my grandfather, wanted him to be a doctor. He didn't want to be a doctor at first but he didn't have a choice. My grandpa wasn't who you'd call nice, more like demanding and imposing. Also, he met my mom, and they got married. Then my sister was born, and 5 years later, I was born. And that superstar dream became more and more impossible for him.

I just smiled my no-front-teeth smile innocently at him and went back to playing with my sister. Little did my father know that when he said that, his little 8 year old girl's mind was made up—I, Seann Levi would turn my father's dream into reality. Well, for me.

So, I started to teach myself every instrument I could get my hands on. My dad had lots of instruments, from a melodica to a grand piano. My favorite was the guitar. I fell in Iove with it instantly. It was the first instrument I taught myself and everytime I played it, I felt like I was floating. If for most girls, prancing around with deer in a green meadow with different colors and types of flowers, wearing pink frilly dresses is their happy place, mine was playing the guitar. The different sounds of the strings brought me to a different world where only music existed.

I was very passionate about music. I loved every kind of music and it was like my private getaway. This might sound cliché, but music was my life.

My sister, being the nerd that she was, couldn't care less about music. She didn't hate it but she wasn't really crazy about it either. My only confidants were, of course, dad, and my best friend, Ethan Blaise. He was my next door neighbor since we moved to Beverly Hills. We were practically family. His dad and my dad were best friends. I remember seeing him for the first time, thinking he was a girl. He had dark brown hair, blue eyes and chubby cheeks which reminded me of a doll my sister owned. My first statement "Hey, are you a girl?" and his reply of "What?!" signaled the start of our friendship.

He shared my addiction to music and we dreamt of becoming great rockstars. If you were our neighbors, you would have probably filed a complaint to the police about 2 deranged 8-year olds screaming and making noises. We even made up band names and signatures for autographs. But he had to move away to Malibu when we were 9, and my dad had to work, of course, so I was in this alone.

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